I love public speaking and would be delighted if you invited me to talk to your group (click here for contact information). Some topics for talks I've given in the past include:
  • God's Lady Problem (the paradox of religious women and the intersection of atheism & feminism)
  • My Journey to the Creation Museum (a humorous virtual tour highlighting and debunking its wackiness)
  • Boobquake and its Aftershocks (how it started, reactions, and what we can learn from it)
  • Edgy Yet Friendly (how to create interesting, media-attracting events while minimizing offense)
I've also spoken about atheism in general, blogging, and activism. I'm always open to suggestions for new topics - if you read my blog, you probably know what I'm interested in. Keep in mind that I'm a graduate student and thus on a limited budget. I'm more likely to be able to come if you're near Seattle, near a place I'm already planning to visit for some other reason, or able to cover travel expenses.

Future Speaking Events

8/13/2011 Omaha, NE The Midwest Humanist & Freethought Conference
11/13/2011 Victoria, BC Victoria Humanists
11/19/2011 Springfield, MO Skepticon
5/19/2012 Washington DC CFI: Women in Secularism conference

Past Speaking Events

7/30/2011 Columbus, OH Secular Student Alliance annual conference
7/16/2011 Las Vegas, NV The Amaz!ng Meeting 9
7/2/2011 Portland, OR Mensa's Annual Gathering
5/21/2011 Oakland, CA American Atheists Regional Atheist Meet
5/7/2011 Kamloops, BC Imagine No Religion Conference
4/22/2011 Eugene, OR Alliance of Happy Atheists at the University of Oregon
4/09/2011 Boston, MA American Humanist Association Annual Conference/ SSA Regional Leadership Con
3/24/2011 Minneapolis, MN Campus Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (CASH) at UM
3/23/2011 Morris, MN UM Morris Freethinkers
3/22/2011 St. Cloud, MN Secular Student Alliance at St. Cloud State University
2/19/2011 Thousand Oaks, CA Secular Student Alliance Regional Leadership Conference
1/18/2011 Seattle, WA Seattle Skeptics
1/15/2011 Seattle, WA Seattle Atheists
11/28/2010 Vancouver, BC British Columbia Humanists
11/27/2010 Vancouver, BC Cafe Inquiry - CFI Vancouver
11/26/2010 Vancouver, BC University of British Columbia Freethinkers
11/25/2010 Vancouver, BC Simon Fraser University Skeptics
11/13/2010 Seattle, WA Society for Sensible Explanation
8/14/2010 St. Louis, MO Skeptics in the Pub
7/24/2010 Columbus, OH Secular Student Alliance annual conference
7/11/2010 Las Vegas, NV The Amaz!ng Meeting 8
5/22/2010 Chicago, IL Women Thinking Free Foundation
3/3/2010 Palo Alto, CA Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (AHA!) at Stanford
11/12/09 West Lafayette, IN Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University