Sunday, September 4, 2011

You can learn a lot about a person from their bookcase

What does this say about me? (click here for huge version)
Other than I obviously went shopping at Ikea.


  1.  Well, let's see...

    I spot the Harry Potter series, as well as some Neil Gaiman, so you have a fondness for fantasy, which likely means that you are imaginative, and potentially spontaneous.

    On the other hand, there is a Richard Dawkins book, and a plushie microbe, which means that you have an eye for logical processes, and are the sort who wants to understand the world better.  Plus the deploma, implying that you are an academic.

    I can't really make out the other book titles from the size of the image, which is very alas, but I will continue. Anywho.

    There's the Mickey Mouse, which shows that you try to maintain a childlike enthusiasm. 

    And you have good taste in Pokemon.

    And I like to overanalyze.

  2. This is all just stuff I would guess from seeing your bookshelf

    1. You enjoy pokemon and cuddly toys.
    2. You went to Purdue or mugged someone who did on graduation day.
    3.  You're a nerd, probably from the Flux cards.  That and the action figures
    4.   You're most likely a non beleived as you've got Sam Harris and the God Delusion
    5. You're either a sciency person studying up against creationists (Ken Ham's book) or a creationist studying up against science, but the ratio suggests the former.
    6.. You Enjoy fantasy novels, especially Neil Gaiman, (his books and Jonny Strange and Mr. N, which was heavily endorsed by him)
    7. You either live in or have been to Seattle, relatively recently as you have a guidebook.
    8. You're relatively open about sexuality.
    9. You're probably quite heavily into Harry Potter as you keep all the books lined up and are an adult.
    10. You're fairly well organized, or want to look like you are, as this bookshelf is very well tended to, especially as it has easily knock overable  things like the Jesus statue which means you either don't got to the bottom shelf often or you put a good bit of work into keeping this shelf organized.
    11. You try to keep a good level of practical knowledge seeing the first aid book and the Strunk and White, which is a sign you're a good writer or are trying to be a better one.
    12.  You're a nerd, again confirmed as no other kind of person would make it through Dune.
    13. You generally like sci-fi and fantasy what with the Creighton, the Adams, etc  Confirming 3 and 12
    14. you're not the kind of nerdy that plays pen and paper roleplaying games or they would completely dominate your shelf as they do with everyone else I know who play's pen and paper RPG's, or, if you do, you keep your books to PDF's
    15. You have relatively few books so you either use a library often, have another shelf, or read on an e-reader or from PDF's
    16. You enjoy Nintendo (DS)
    17. You're relatively intelligent as Purdue is hard to get into.That's all I got right now.