Saturday, July 23, 2011

Different types of polyamory

A lot atheists automatically think of Mormonism and Islam when you mention "polyamory." It tends to conjure up images of oppressed women being forced into unwanted marriages with little say. That or HBO television shows.

But that's really polygamy, which isn't quite the same of polyamory. Polyamory is focused on love and consent. Though I'm not personally interested in it, plenty of people are much happier being in relationships with multiple people at the same time.

And I have no idea what the point of this post was other than clarifying that point. ...So. Yep.

Are any of you in a polyamorous relationship? What sort of reactions have you had from the atheist community? From religious communities? Are there any frustrations you typically run into?

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  1. No comments?

    I've always said polygamy is fine so long as the women get multiple husbands. Seeing as I can't think of a single example of this, that is the problem with polygamy.

    With regard to polyamory, I think it's hard to gauge whether or not everyone in the relationship wants it. Suppose a girl is happier with multiple guy partners. They put up with it because they like her but would rather have her for themselves. When asked they'll tell you they're all for that sort of relationship because they don't wanna rock the boat. It's kind of like when a girl says she and her guy friend have never been romantically interested in each other, but he's secretly been holding out hope for years that the relationship would evolve into something more.

    At any rate, even if polyamorous relationships are all good and well, I think you'd be hard-pressed to argue that a polyamorous bond can be as strong as an exclusive bond can be.