Friday, June 17, 2011

I hate American Airlines

I want to preemptively state: #firstworldproblems

Now that that’s out of the way…I hate American Airlines.

My flight from Chicago to Seattle was supposed to leave at 8:35 pm. We boarded the plane at the right time – and then sat at the gate for an hour and a half. We had no idea what was going on for the first hour, until finally someone made an announcement that the maintenance crew was checking something on the plane before we could go. At 10pm they said we flunked the maintenance check, and had us all get off the plane and head to another gate for a new plane. We finally took off at 11pm.

Now, I understand that shit happens. I’d rather be on a functioning plane then shuffled out on a malfunctioning one. And I won’t bitch about the three hour delay in my flight from Seattle to Chicago, since that was due to weather and out of the airline’s control.

But you’d think American would try to do something to make us a little less cranky, right? I mean, people are missing connections and getting home in the middle of the night. I had to shell out $58 for a taxi because all of the public transportation ($0 for me) was closed by the time we finally landed. I’m easy to placate. Maybe a free drink, or some pretzels. Maybe a coupon code for the ridiculously overpriced in-flight internet ($12? Really, gogoinflight? Fuck you, I don't need to blog that badly).

We got complimentary head phones if we wanted them. Whoop-di-doo. Who doesn’t have their own headphones already?

Oh well. I made it back to Seattle in one piece eventually. And I sat next to the Mayor of Tukwila on the plane, which was kind of neat. At least this happened when I was just coming home and not in a particular rush, instead of when I'm running off to speak somewhere. ...And good thing I don't believe in jinxing things.


  1. My flight #4187 was canceled last week while a competing air line flew multiple flight on time and half full.  Would American re-book me and get me home to take care of my children?  No.  Refusing to help with my expenses too. 

    Never again. Don't fly American.

  2. I HATE AMERICAN AIRLINES!! They lost my bag in December and they have been jerking me around ever since. Then a couple of weeks ago, an "investigator" called me interrogate me about my bag, and I could tell by his demeanor that he thought I was scamming them. The fact is they lost my bag, I have the claim tags and the paper trail to prove it, but of course I cannot prove the contents. They just decided that my claim was irrelevant. They didn't even refund the lousy $60 they charged me for extra baggage!! Between the bag, the fees & the contents I am out a couple grand because of AA. I HATE AMERICAN AIRLINES!!

  3. Many people at the airport are incredibly rude. I contacted their customer "service" department. They are the same people. One person at a gate told me: "I apologize. Unfortunately, a lot of people is here because they can't get another job".

  4. Many people contributed to give me the worst airport service I have had in years, so I created Hopefully we will help them lose some customers, and then their service will improve. Or they will be gone. Either way it would be better than their current state.

  5. I have flown American Airlines 2.8 million miles and am an exec. plat for the last 10 years. In my opinion, Airlines continues to decline at a rapid rate and no one (including airport staff, consumer relations, customer service, flight crew) seems to care....... I now have lost all trust in AA;s management and staff and am in communication with other airlines to switch my business. I am in conversations with several other frequent travelers that shear my opinion. After many years on flying on AA, I am traveling on other airlines and have found better customer service. I have grown to hate how I am treated at AA. I hope the airline gets taken over be another airline and things will improve. Until then, I will avoid AA at all cost....................

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  7. The dirt bag American Airlines is treating USAir Chairman like shit. No up grades and I have to speak to idiot AA people.
    They are also getting rid of Platimum levels