Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm torn

On one hand, I can totally get behind the message of this public announcement:
"Seattle Public Schools has been receiving numerous questions regarding the District's policy on the celebration of religious holidays. We have a 'Religion and Religious Accommodation' policy, approved by the School Board in 1983, stating that 'no religious belief or non-belief should be promoted by the School District or its employees, and none should be disparaged.'"
On the other hand, the thing they're objecting to?
A local high school sophomore, Jessica, on a community service project was volunteering for a third-grade class at Seattle Public Schools. "At the end of the week I had an idea to fill little plastic eggs with treats and jelly beans and other candy, but I was kind of unsure how the teacher would feel about that," said Jessica, reports MyNorthwest. "She said that I could do it as long as I called this treat 'spring spheres.' I couldn't call them Easter eggs."
...Alright, I know I'm a rabid militant extremist angry atheist and all, but even this seems a bit a silly to me.

For one, they're certainly not spheres - and we wonder why math scores are so low.

But are Easter eggs even religious anymore? When I was a kid, I never really thought about spiritual dogma as I was checking under the couch - I just wanted some chocolate. Or maybe a dollar bill if I was really lucky. I think I may lump this in with singing about Santa Claus - something that maybe used to vaguely link to religion, but now is thrown around for entertainment purposes and happens to retain a historical name.

I do find it amusing that Christians are the ones flipping out about this. Pfftttt, like Easter eggs have anything to do with Christianity. Where are the angry emails from pagans?

EDIT: Apparently the Seattle Public Schools haven't been able to verify this story yet, and the radio show where it was first presented is a conservative pundit. Who smells a manufactured controversy so people can make a stink about those evil atheists taking god out of our schools? (Thanks, Liz)


  1.  Nice sharing. As like you I never really thought about spiritual dogma as I was checking under the couch. Thanks mate.

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