Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For the skeptical animal lovers

My friend Julie, who's been very active in the atheist and skeptical movements, just started vet school this fall. She's documenting her journey in the best way possible - blogging. I highly suggest you guys go check it out, as she talks about skepticism applied to animal health behavior a lot. I particular like her post on diets, and how vets benefit from skepticism:
I admit, raw was something that sucked me in hard and fast and I was teetering on the edge of true believer status for awhile. I had to reel it in, evaluate the evidence objectively and admit that if I held alternative medicine, faith- and prayer-based medicine, etc. to one standard but not raw diets, I was guilty of biased reasoning and cherry-picking. It's not something that I tolerate in my colleagues and it's not something I'll allow myself to get away with, either.
Check the rest of the post out here.

And if my recommendation isn't enough for you, Julie is fostering a cat that's about to give birth. Dozens of kitten photos are imminent. Go, go follow her now!

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