Thursday, February 3, 2011

You know, maybe they're right

Maybe my profile picture on my blog is just begging for harassment and sexist comments. I mean, look at how slutty I look, what with part of my collarbone showing, and that big smile. God, I can't believe I had it up so long without noticing how horrible it is.

But I know a lot of other atheist and skeptical blogs have photos on their main page, so maybe it's not just putting up a photo at all - maybe I was choosing inappropriate content. After much consideration on what all of these photos had in common, I found some photos of myself that fit in better with the overall theme:
Not pictured: Multiple Livestrong bracelets, baggy cargo pants
I'm not sure which one I like better, though. What do you guys think? Bro Jen, Or Pseudo Penn Jillette? I personally prefer Bro Jen, but you can still see a hint of boob, which, I know, is totally unacceptable.

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