Sunday, February 6, 2011

That look of disgust looks about right

Bill Nye the Science Guy, personal hero of mine and Humanist of the Year, recently visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky. And by visited, I mean he drove up, look a picture of the side-show, and drove off. How do we know? Because Big Brother Ken Ham was watching.

While I understand the need for surveillance cameras at any big building with a lot of traffic, it's a bit off putting that he'll slap any images from it on the internet. Here's Ham's proof:Yep, that seems to be the appropriate reaction to the Creation Museum. I can hear the thoughts running through his mind just by his expression. "The stupid, it burns! It burns!"


  1. This is really surprising, good thing they caught it on camera.

  2. Stumbled upon this, followed through to that Ham fella's Facebook page, It's actually one of the most hilarious reads I've ever had on Facebook. Thanks for introducing it to me