Monday, February 7, 2011

My favorite type of comment

From here*:
I love Jen McCreight--I'm a regular reader of her blog and a follower of hers on Twitter. As far as atheism/skepticism goes, I think she is generally spot on and very clever. Truly, I am a fan. But she has what I call the "feminist chip" on her shoulder, big time. I don't doubt her contentions (or those of her guest posters) about sexism in the atheist community and elsewhere. The site "" shows how rampant and awful it is in the online gaming community. So, I sympathize, and yes, men need to behave much better. I believe that when people like Ms. McCreight & her guest posters get into a twist over silly, irrelevant linguistic semantics of language (and that's how this incident sounds to me after reading both accounts), that kind of ridiculous, butterfly-wings sensitivity detracts from more serious and legitimate concerns and problems that women face. It makes men like me take them less seriously on this issue, and surely that is the last thing that they want.
tl;dr I love Jen when she makes fun of religion, but I hate it when she makes ME uncomfortable!

If I wanted to lower my blood pressure, I would stick to criticizing religion. Circle jerks are much more pleasant. At least all the trolls that come out whenever I dare to whisper "sexism" or "feminism" really just prove my point - even in posts I don't write!

As for the guest post itself, I'm not commenting on it further until I get to watch the talk in question.

*That post is so full of fail it makes my head spin. Having a vagina doesn't automatically make you immune from being sexist, and disregarding others opinions makes you part of the problem. If you were the lone woman on the panel, no wonder it went so fucking poorly.

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