Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowpacolypse 2010!

That's what Seattlites are already dubbing last night. Only two inches of snow fell in my neighborhood, but I'm reevaluating my Midwestern instinct to heckle. When your city is hilly and severely deprived of snow plows and de-icers, this is the result:

My favorite "Oh nooooooooooo" moment is when the bus appears around 3 minutes in, and proceeds to fail. I road the bus home last night, but thankfully my route didn't need to conquer any major hills.

Because the roads are basically made of ice, school was canceled. You know it's bad when universities aren't even sending their grad students in. Of course, I'm used to living in Indiana, where we have an army of snow plots ready to make the road spotless at the sight of a single flake. The only time school was canceled for us was when the power went out because of a storm. Ah, the fond memories of walking to class in below zero weather during a blizzard.

Instead I'm huddled up next to my not-very-effective space heater in my much-too-cold basement apartment preparing for my trip to Canada. I was planning on leaving Thursday morning, but now I'm a bit worried about the weather forecast:I was already worried driving on Thanksgiving Day and dealing with crossing the border, but now there's going to be rain and snow too? Gah. I just hope I get there in one piece. If I don't make it to my talk on atheism and feminism, I'm sure people would be happy to have an open discussion about atheism and skepticism for the ten billionth time.

EDIT: I'd just like to add that I've heard at least three different sirens during the time it took me to write this post. Snowpacolypse chaos!!!

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