Friday, November 26, 2010

Sexy + Smart = Scary

I've been busy getting ready for my Canada trip, so I missed this little debate while it was first bubbling up. tl;dr some feminists are cranky that there are science cheerleaders because the only reason a woman would act sexy is because she's been brainwashed by men.

Ow. I just strained an eye muscle from rolling them too hard.

Thankfully I don't have to waste my time replying to think bunk, since ERV has already eviscerated it:
Not the oh-so-civil ZuskAIDS! She wants everyone who doenst conform to her stereotypes to SHUT UP!!!
Let's say the Science Cheerleaders do keep one girl in advanced science or math classes, but make three other girls feel like they have to pornulate themselves in order to be 21st Century Fembot Compliant While Doing Science, and make five d00ds feel like it is perfectly okay to hang up soft porn pictures of sexay hawt babes in the lab and harass some colleague because hawt science women WANT to be appreciated for being sexay and smart!
Once again, women cannot be attractive and smart in Zuskas world. Women cannot enjoy being cheerleaders. Women cannot enjoy sex. NEWSFLASH, HAG-- Making women feel like they have to change themselves to appease a stereotype, whether its TEH D00DS or YOURS is BULLSHIT. Girls/Boys who want to cheer and go into science SHOULDNT be degraded anymore than girls/boys who DONT want to cheer and go into science.


It's funny how feminists can't comprehend the concept of letting women do what they want. Actually, no, it's not funny anymore - it's fucking aggravating. This is why people think all feminists are humorless, sexless man-haters - not because of your personal choices, but because you try to police others. Don't try to pin the cause of feminist stereotypes on "sexy feminists" when you're the ones perpetuating the stereotypes.

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