Friday, October 22, 2010

A reminder on how to make women feel welcome

In light of my recent posts, I thought it would be good to redirect you to an older post I wrote: "Want more skeptical atheist women? Defend us."

Though I have an addendum. To all the ladies and guys who are incredibly annoyed by ignorant sexism: We need to stick together. I know it's hard. Our immediate reaction can be "Well, I'm never going back to that group again!" But all that does is continually remove the good people from the community. Instead of having no community, you can have an awesome one just by showing up and speaking up to the assholes.

I know there are lots of cool people in the Seattle Atheists. Some were there last night but didn't hear what transpired. Maybe they would have called out these guys if they were sitting at my side of the table. But I also met a lot of awesome people at the dinner with Greta Christina - and it was maybe 60% female!

But you know what? I haven't seen them since.

I haven't been in Seattle long enough to know why, but if it's because they got sick of stuff like what I experienced last night, I don't blame them. Why keep going back to something that makes you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome?

Well, I guess my argument is that you can make it more comfortable and welcoming.

So no, I haven't given up on the Seattle Atheists. Last night one of their officers asked me to speak for them eventually, and I'd still love to. And Guy 2 sent me a very nice email this morning apologizing for not calling out the sexist douchebaggery. Admitting something is wrong is the first step to improving a community.

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