Monday, September 20, 2010

One way to deal with crazy campus preachers

This is what Purdue's campus looked like last Monday:Crazy campus preachers are fairly typical in the fall. One, it's still warm, which is conducive to standing around outside yelling at people. But two, they hope to prey on the confused and lonely freshman. Because, according to this group, going to college is the work of the devil:
"Satan has a job to do...and you are it! The tremendous emphasis put on education these days is demonic. Satan knows his time is running out. Resounding throughout the halls of Aristotle are the voices of demons imposing their curriculum from hell. They insist 'Memorize and regurgitate. Better this world. Self-esteem. Defy God! Exalt Babylon!"
"Deny God! Exalt Babylon!"? Shit, they found the Biology Department's curriculum!

But my godless alma mater, the Society of Non-Theists, has a light-hearted way of dealing with our standard street preachers: our annual Pastafarian Preaching on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Mike has a great summary here, describing the overall positive reaction of the event. Our Pastafarian Preaching is a silly satire of all the hateful preachers who come to campus, so it really does put a smile on people's faces. And they even made the day of this little pirate fan:
Great job, Purdue Non-Theists!

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  1. Good to know that both IU and Purdue students can agree on something.