Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a nerd

Mom: What do you imagine your wedding being like?
Me: ...I kind of need someone to get married to first.
Mom: No, I mean, what would your dream wedding be like?
Me: I don't really fantasize about my wedding. I don't know, cheap.
Dad: Good, I raised you right. Now you won't be the type who gets married too early just because you're in love with the idea of getting married.
Mom: *disappointed look*
Me: I guess if I had an infinite amount of money, I would chose a really cool place to have it in. Like in a Natural History Museum.
Mom: ...With dinosaurs and mummies and stuff?
Me: Yeah! I mean, how cool would that be, to get married under a giant fossilized skeleton of an ancient whale or something?
Mom: *look of horror and disgust*
Me: ...Well I think it would be cool *pout*


  1. That would be AWESOME

  2. I consider being set on a traditional marriage to be a deal-breaker. It shows that she is boring, unimaginitive, uninventive, afraid of new hings, and a traditionalist. That's not someone I want to spend my life with, and not someone I want raising my children. And heck, I want my wedding to be fun and memorable, anyway!

  3. This conversation reminded me of my childhood days - when everything was simple and I was only influenced by what I learned from school. But as I grow older and started to get interest in fashion magazines, I started to want a wedding that would be fairy-like. I started to dream of getting married in a castle or manor, perhaps. And I did. I wed at wedding venues cheshire. Your daughter will still change her mind. Enjoy those conversations now while you can. Soon it will be a mighty different one.