Sunday, August 15, 2010

OMFG True Blood

I know some of you are fans like me. Discuss in comments. I'll put my thoughts down there as to not accidentally spoil the episode for those of you who haven't watched it yet. But beware, the comments will include spoilers!

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  1. - I usually can't stand any Bill/Sookie scene, but I loved their little domestic discussion at the beginning. "Sigh, cleaning up another dead body. Ho hum, we're getting stuck in a rut, aren't we, honey?"
    - Looks like Sookie's second cousin is a telepath too! Does everyone know what she is except her?
    - Loved seeing the maker interaction between Eric and Pam. They seem to be the one sane maker/makee relationship on the show. Kind of excited to see Eric go into revenge mode.
    - Though on that note, I loved it when Nan told him to stop bitching. Eek, the woman *does* have power.
    - "I just wanted to see the sick fuck who ordered the veggie burger... with bacon." I'm currently loving the Lafayette/Jesus relationship, though I'm always wary of new characters. They generally die or become evil before the season is over. Must keep teh gay going!
    - Tommy needs to go eat a chocolate bar or something. Blah. The only way I want him to stick around is if it results in more Sam in nothing but a dog collar.
    - Speaking of characters I don't like, I could care less about Arlene's little Damien On The Way. I love Terry, but Arlene is just so racist and bigotted and emotional...blargh. Don't care.
    - I'm so happy Franklin is dead. As much as I died laughing at his mad texting skillz, he's truly frightening. I love Sassy Voice of Wisdom Tara, not Constantly Crying Because Her Boyfriend Died and Now She's Being Constantly Raped Tara. That girl deserves to be happy. Odd that Jason, who killed Eggs, now also killed Franklin.
    - Speaked of Jason... that boy sure is pretty to look at, but he's so fucking stupid. Why does he care about Crystal?
    - Loved that Nan was drinking human blood. Damn hypocritical politicians.
    - But most importantly... OMFG IS RUSSELL EDGINGTON!!! His absolute insanity has been wonderful all season, but this episode was by far the best. I nearly choked on my spit when he was craddling the crystal urn of Talbot's remains... BUT THEN THE ENDING?! "We will eat you... after we eat your children. And now for the weather, Tiffany"?! Pure brilliance. I've never been more interested in vampire politics. How are they going to clean up that shitstorm?