Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome to Atheistopia!

Loving County, Texas is the only county in the US that does not have a single religious group:...What? That's because the whole county only has a population of 67? Oh, well then. They have plenty of space if we all move there, then! Just think, a place for all the ostracized atheists in the US. Need to run away from fanatically religious parents? Sick of being the town atheist? Have I got the place for you!...What? It looks like this? Oh, well then... It looks so, uh, quaint. The kind of place you'll learn to love, especially if hordes of atheists take it over. I mean, just imagine how awesome it would be to never have to worry about accidentally offending religious people, or creationism being taught in schools, or religious laws being passed. If we bought enough land we could take over the local government!

...What? Libertarians already tried to do that and failed? Oh, well then... ...poop.

Libertarians, always dashing my dreams.

(Via r/atheism)

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