Monday, July 12, 2010

If you knew God was real, would you actually worship him?

I'm currently sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting for my flight home (yay for finally having Internet access!). TAM8 was absolutely amazing, and I'll be making posts about it over the next couple of days. But in the mean time, here's one more discussion question for you guys, since you seemed to enjoy the last couple.

Let's assume you have proof that God exists. You're now a believer for whatever reason. But believing in God is totally different from following his laws and living your life the way he desires.

Would you actually worship him? Would your life change in any way? Or would you rebel for any ethical, philosophical, or personal reasons?

Now, this depends on what definition of God we're using. A Protestant Christian God would be very different from a deist God, which would be very different from Zeus, etc. Feel free to discuss all, but unless you clarify in your comment, let's assume you're talking about the traditional Judeo-Christian God.

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