Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church to troll Constance McMillen's graduation

Just when I thought Westboro Baptist Church couldn't get any more vile, they just announced that they will picket Constance McMillen's high school graduation. If you don't remember, Constance was the lesbian student who wanted to take her girlfriend to prom, and in turn her high school canceled prom. And when it seemed like everything was going to work out okay (after the ACLU stepped in), the majority of Constance's high school student's went to a secret "real" prom instead.

Constance, you should see the WBC's attention as a badge of honor. By standing up for your rights and helping gay students across the country, you became so awesome that WBC wants to waste their time on you. The vast majority of people, theists and non-theists alike, detest the deplorable actions of WBC. We applaud you.

Though at the same time, I really do feel bad for her. Her classmates have proven to be complete tools so far, with no one willing defend Constance, and everyone willing to bring her down. The WBC has always brought together diverse groups together to protest and mock their hate... I wonder if even Fulton, Mississippi will launch a counter-protest? The cynic in me worries, since the sort of things that have been said by community members fall pretty close to the beliefs of WBC.

Fulton, this is your one shot at (at least some) redemption. I suggest you don't screw it up.


  1. I have to admit, this fellas give really stretch the notion of freedom of speech.

    Glad to see tho that people handle them with humor and not with hate, read not long ago a story in which they picketed another funeral but this time some loud Harley riders showed up and every time they started spewing their hate the riders started to rattle their bikes right next to them. Was pretty funny seing them not being to take it anymore and finally decided to quit their picket.

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