Monday, April 12, 2010

Vatican reverses decision on once shunned group

Dear Vatican,

I've noticed that recently you haven't been doing so hot in the public opinion. Sometimes people think you can be too harsh on those that don't perfectly jive with your views, or those that make you look bad. People didn't like that time you excommunicated the mother and doctors of the 9 year old Brazilian rape victim. Or the fact that you prohibit contraceptives, putting AIDS stricken Africa at even more risk and negatively affecting women all around the world. Or the whole gigantic cover-up of mass molestation of little boys - yeah, that's not going over so well. But I really have to give you props for finally forgiving a group of people that really deserved your apology long ago:

The Beatles.

Thanks for having your priorities in order. Now that we know all we have to do to change your mind is produce "beautiful melodies" that "still give us emotions," we'll get right on that.



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