Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christians on atheists FFFFUUUUUUUU

I don't know if you all appreciate the same weird sorts of internet humor as I do, but my friend just made this for me and I was nearly in tears laughing (click for larger):Ahahahahahaaaaa it's funny because it's true :(

(Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. Great. Now I want you to come to Copenhagen in June.

    Any chance you can fold up and sneak into PeeZed's bags?

  2. Welcome to Atheist hell, "Poorly conceived arguments for God that you're not allowed to laugh at."
    Your poor brains, that kind of punishment must hurt. :(

  3. This cartoon just makes me laugh out loud, very loud. My wife doesn't seem to find it as funny as I do. But it makes me laugh because I seem myself in the cartoon listening to my parents. Dad:they did the scan and didn't find any thing, I just praise god for healing the problem that they never found.


  4. argh! If I hadn't been reading the earlier post this came from (whilst not appreciating the joke) I could've gone FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-rst!!!111oneoneone


  5. ...and Jake asks me if I'm interested in any sort of dialog with a believer. Sigh!

  6. DM lost in translation:

    10: "In my universe, an atheist ... but a liar ... trying to put all the hopes and dreams, to remove all my ... but ... * Al Qaeda lost its theory of the death - God of scientific evidence"

    25: "My World ... Atheist, but a liar ... All removes all the hopes and dreams, try ... But I ... * Al-Qaeda death theories - scientific proof that God is lost"

    max: "... Atheism in the world of common hopes and dreams ... Education ... But ... * Note - received death - Qaeda in theory - it is not evidence of God."

    and one more time with the spelling mistakes and symbols removed:

    "Plus ... Nothing wrong with my hopes and dreams of God, and we believe that to repair the damage. But I will try to help ... Atheist death of God - the scientific evidence."

    I like that.

    "[the] Atheist death of God - the scientific evidence"

  7. Little known facts:

    Theists only persist on their belief in God because they know it pisses the atheist the hell off.

    Atheists only persist in their non-belief in God because if there was a God how the hell do you explain "Suddenly Susan"?!?!