Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soldier coming back home gay worse than coming back dead

I love reading letters to the editor in newspapers, because they're always the best place to find spectacular gems of ignorance. For example, let's look at a Florida resident's brilliant logic when it comes to repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell:

As a former staff sergeant, war veteran and drill instructor in the Marine Corps, I believe the repeal this law will cause living hell within the ranks of the military, and also for the moms and dads whose kids are serving. It will be heartbreaking when a son comes home and says to his parents 'I'm gay' when he didn't leave home gay.
Because that's totally how homosexuality works. It's a horrible disease that spreads to anyone hanging around queers for too long! Not, you know, biologically based behavior.

When it comes to gays in the military, it is not a question of them not being patriotic or not physically fit. Unfortunately, they are not morally fit. Their lifestyle has disqualified them to serve.

Because we don't allow anyone in the military who has ever done something wrong. I'm sure there's a test all recruits have to take that makes sure they fit the proper Christian moral ethics, which is why no one in the military has ever lied, stolen, masturbated, lustfully thought of a woman, taken the lord's name in vain, eaten lobster, gotten tattoos...

One must understand that a homosexual person does not reproduce (homosexuals recruit). When I was a young Marine, one tried to recruit me into that lifestyle. It caused panic and fear to come over me. It is not discrimination or hate speech toward the gays, it is simply saying no.

These young people will be exposed to strong sexual attractions, and some will give themselves over to it because they are young and vulnerable.

They recruit, just like any other human trait where that human can't reproduce! I knew those Tay-Sachs babies were causing other Tay-Sachs babies to be diseased. I mean, genetics, pfffffft.

Repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy and you will have the men who serve in an uproar. You will have open sex in the barracks, name calling, real threats and fighting among the troops, and even worse the violence of blanket parties. Late at night, some men will throw a blanket over a gay person and beat the life out of him. The repeal of this policy will give way to violence, no matter how much instruction is given by their leaders.

Yeah, and when all those macho, testosterone filled, heterosexual men start beating a gay man to a bloody pulp, it's totally that gay guys fault! Sheesh, don't they know heterosexuals just can't control their rage?

Also, you will have disunity on the battlefield.

Today, if my son was going into the military, I would be more concerned about him coming home a gay person than worrying about him getting wounded or killed in battle.

We are becoming a pathetic nation with no clear moral values.



That's right, son. I rather you come home in a casket than loving someone of the same sex. Better to be dead than gay.

...People like this fucking terrify me.


  1. That's the worst kind of bigotry, when the ignorant grunt doesn't realise he is bigoted, and even wears his badge of bigotry with pride.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  2. How exactly did this person try to 'recruit' him. Sounds awfully vague. Maybe the guy just stirred up all of those overwhelming strong sexual urgings (to fuck other dudes).

    "It caused panic and fear to come over me." Yep, that's exactly how I felt when the college dems or repubs tried to recruit me, fear and panic, the healthy response to difference.

    "it is simply saying no." All you needed to do was simply say no and yet you still felt 'fear and panic'? Sounds like somebody's overreacting.

  3. Why does this guy hold back in his hatred and simply argue for the continuance of DADT? He's obviously a homophobe through and through, so why not go full-hog on gay-bashing?

    He says he'd be more afraid of his son coming home from deployment gay than coming home dead. Now replace 'deployment' with 'college.' Think he'd somehow react differently to his son coming home for Christmas or the summer and telling his father he's gay?

    But I do laugh at his "gays are recruited" argument. This is ignorance of the worst kind. At least other homophobes try to argue that gay people get that way because of some childhood trauma and thus they can be 'cured.' What does this guy think, that sexual proclivities are, 100% of the time, a choice?

    Does that mean he's made the conscious decision to be heterosexual, rejecting homo- and bisexuality after giving even a moment's thought to them? There's a question I'd like to ask him: "When did you choose to be heterosexual?"

    Or maybe he can explain to me why I'm a maieusiophiliac (look it up). I'd love to hear someone's logic on why I *chose* that fetish.

  4. This guy is a total self-hating closet case. It's soooo obvious.

    He would rather soldiers be dead than gay.

    He feels that being gay is immoral and unworthy but doesn't say why.

    He tells of someone trying to "recruit" him to a "gay lifestyle" but gives no details other than expressing his panic and fear; its scary when someone catches you out in your homosexual urges and tries to convince you that it's totally normal and ok, isn't it?

    He explains that army barracks will become, simultaneously, orgies/UFC rings/blanket parties which is probably something that he masterbates over/masterbates over/fears will happen to his gay ass.

    I expect that if someone started asking around the homosexual community of Lakeland (or surrounding area), we would find that Richard Grant has a reputation. Maybe he hires prostitutes, perhaps he's a fan of the Glory Hole, maybe he totally ISNT GAY because he's recieving (ha). I won't begin to guess the details but I do feel pretty damn secure in saying this man is gay... and that is really sad.

  5. If I may …

    « I love reading letters to the editor in newspapers, because they're always the best place to find spectacular gems of insanity and amorality. »

    FTFY. How horrible.

  6. Ha: if DADT is repealed people will have to resort to throwing blankets over gays to beat them to within an inch of their life and it's the gays who are *morally unfit* for service! At least he's painting said beatings as a negative so he hasn't reached the ultimate limit of insanity.

  7. "We are becoming a pathetic nation with no clear moral values."

    Ohhhh, the irony.

  8. It's okay theoretical gay son of a self-loathing closet queen. You can send a box to your dad and come home safe to me. We'll have a gay ole time recruiting school children and destabilizing the family unit before our weekly poker games with Satan. But first we gotta hit up the farmers' market, I told Lucifer I'd bring a little something.

  9. @Kat: I'm unsure what you are suggesting it means if it were found that this guy hires prostitutes. That he's a closet gay? Please unpack.

  10. When I was a young Marine, one tried to recruit me into that lifestyle. It caused panic and fear to come over me. It is not discrimination or hate speech toward the gays, it is simply saying no.

    I feel fear and panic when Christians try to recruit me into their lifestyle. Can we ban them?

  11. @Hugo Grinebiter


    what I mean is that under my hypothesis that this guy is a closet case, I bet it could easily be found that he lives a "gay lifestyle" in a number of ways. Buying gay sex (i.e. prostitutes), random hookups, etc. You know, like a Ted Haggard thing.

  12. Here, wait a bit. Don't the Marines have Recruiting Sergeants? OMG!! They recruit because they can't reproduce!!! Run! Ruuuuunnnnn!

  13. My brain is imploding from this anti-logic. Perhaps this guy is sterile, and that is why he's trying to recruit idiots.

  14. "They recruit because they can't reproduce"

    Wait, gay people are zombies?

    It gets WORSE!!!

  15. @Kat: Thanks, not that I know who Ted Haggard is.... Is buying sex from prostitutes of the opposite sex considered "gay", then? Does the word now coincide totally with what La Paglissima calls "outlaw sex"?

    If that is the case, I shall use it in my country, where buying sex is a criminal offence but so is anti-gay discrimination. That will tie the "state feminists" into knots.

  16. @Hugo Grinebiter

    Ted Haggard:

    Also, I the word Prostitution simply means offering sexual intercourse for pay. I was refering to the man in question probably buying his gay sex from prostitutes (hiring a MALE prostitute to fuck or be fucked by), which is what Ted Haggard did.

  17. @Kat: Ah, one of those, all is now clear.

    But do you think that there really are rednecks who buy sex from male prostitutes and nevertheless consider themselves not to be "gay", for whom "gays" are the scary Other? As opposed to just pretending in order to make money? I can't think myself into that mentality, but there again, I'm a heterosexual non-homophobe.

  18. Hugo:

    Many conservatives seem to think that "gay" means some mythical gay playboy who has regular orgies with his friends, harasses straight men, wears his fetish leather chaps all day and so on. (Not that I'm an expert on American conservatives in particular.) If this isn't happening in the military, it's only because DADT keeps the gays out.

    Also, some self-denying conservative gays seem to think that it's perfectly normal to have constant, tearing sexual urges towards the same sex and that most people just handle these urges. Even if you have resort to occasional prostitutes, it's not "gay lifestyle" because it's private, infrequent and you're totally "going to quit after the last one". It's the wonder that is human denial of highly unwanted facts.

  19. @Hugo Grinebiter

    Arctic Ape pretty much covered it.

    I too am hetero, so I don't have a first hand view of closet cases and self-hating gays but I am heavily involved in the BDSM community of my town and I am quite used to self-hating fetishists, so I think I have a good eye to spot these things.

    It's a clash of your beliefs/culture and what your sexuality wants. If you want something but believe it is wrong, this strange seperation occurs where you still pursue what you want sexually but you deny what you are doing to yourself and others.

    I know people who are desperate to be Subs or Doms but cannot perform in the role they are desperate for without drinking themselves into a near-blackout and when they finally get what they want sexually, they spend weeks afterward moaning about how 'wrong' they are and what a 'sinner' they are and other such bullshit. They will pursue their sexual desires, but they will damage themselves in the pursuit (by being unsafe or taking drugs/drink to seperate themselves from the act they are commiting) and when it's all over, they will deny it to themselves and hate all others who do the same act happily & openly.

    So yeah, there are gay people out there who are gay and hate themselves for being gay so they do strange things to satisfy themselves sexually while railing against it. I find that people who are truly and deeply obsessed about stopping gays and the 'gay agenda' are themselves gay. There are too many cases to count where this is the case.

    The Letter to the Editor Jen writes about seems like a classic self-hating homo to me.

  20. @Kat & Arctic Ape: Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't trying to be dense, it's just that I don't seem to have encountered such people. But I grasp the mechanism of envious hatred of the people who get their goodies happily and in an uncomplicated manner. My own temptation is towards envy of the men whom women go for, ha not so very ha. :-/

    Arctic Ape, are you really living above the Circle? I'm at 60 degrees north.

  21. Luke the pastafarianMarch 29, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    I seriously couldnt read that, I mean 2 paragraphs in and it was just too much, how do people like that even come to be?

    The way he writes (if not for the content) suggests an education yet what he types contradicts everything.

    People like him make me ashamed to be the same species and deeply afraid.

  22. I'm in Helsinki, so we're on the same latitude. I don't really want boast with my location, I just think it's weird to be a naked ape living on the higher latitudes. We're so clearly tropical animals with hasty techological adaptations to cold climate.

    I credit the internet for everything I know about American conservatives. Also, I personally wouldn't try to guess if some particular anti-gay bigot was a closet case.

  23. Ya'll seem to be missing a crucial line of thought of antigay American conservatives and it is this 'dick is magic' (and the correlary, 'pussy is disgusting'). Because they think dick, that masculine marking thing, is magic, of course EVERYBODY wants dick. It's so magic, who could resist? But, resist you must, because Jesus wants you to make babies and to do that, you must stick to pussy exclusively (making babies is the only reason to go near those things), or the tempation of dick will be too strong for you to ever breed with a woman. This is why straight american men can get away with constantly talking about how stinky and gross women's genitals are (one celebrity actually claimed to be alergic to vagina and no one thought that comment made him gay), and about how people are tempted into gayness. Straight men want dick because it's magic, gay men want dick because it's magic, straight women want dick because it's magic, lesbians would want dick if they realized how magic it was, this whole thing is at its root nothing more than penis worship.

  24. Well, we know the unit cohesion argument is bogus. There's an old saying, "There are no bigots in foxholes."

  25. Who is this "we", Finn man? I'm miserable when it's over 25 degrees.

    Did you hear about the first Norwegians? They were the idiot couple of the Cro-Magnon tribe who, when the glaciers began to retreat from Europe, followed after them to see where they went.

  26. This is why straight american men can get away with constantly talking about how stinky and gross women's genitals are

    They do? OMG.

    How about all the American ladies coming over to apply for political asylum in Europe? They could all get Frenched... and Englished, and Germaned, and finally Polished and Finnished.

    @Exl Blogger: These guys really need a course in ancient Greek history, don't they? The Sacred Band.

  27. Sorry, I was being speciecentric when I used "we" as in "Homo sapiens". I didn't remember that the Norwegians are a hybrid population between Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, mountain trolls and snowmen. :)

    I can't stand much heat or sun myself, but that doesn't make me particularly cold-adapted. Maybe I should change my nick to "Indoors Ape"

    I once visited Varangerfjorden in Finnmark and hiked up the hills on the southern shore. It was a magnifigently beautiful place. However, I prefer more sheltered woodland habitat for living.

  28. "When I was a young Marine, one tried to recruit me into that lifestyle. It caused panic and fear to come over me."

    I'm surprised that this guy got anywhere in the Marines with that sort of panic attacks. Everyone knows that Marines fuck each other like rabbits.

  29. @Ape: You forgot the polar bears. Finnmarkings claim to be the offspring of Russian fathers and Ursus maritimus mothers. Research topic for Jen?

    I concur about Finnmark scenery, I like trees as well. Plenty round my way.

  30. "This is why straight american men can get away with constantly talking about how stinky and gross women's genitals are"

    That would explain the combination of lust and revulsion uber-masculine d-bags exhibit around women. They want to show how aggressive they are sexually ("I would fuck that woman so hard she wouldn't be able to walk for a month."), but at the same time they must constantly treat all women as whores and sluts, beneath the notice of real men. This, I assume, is to show that the man is the instigator in all sex and the woman holds no power over them.

    A great example of this is the Left Behind series, where at the start the main character - Ray "Porn star" Steele - has been carrying on an emotional affair with his coworker. He's never done anything physical with her, because his only goal is the mental subjagation of her to reinforce his own desirability as a man.

    Honestly, I think that if homosexuality was more widely accepted in America we'd see A LOT of the frat-boy, Spike TV-watching manly-men coming out of the closet, and we'd see A LOT LESS reinforcement of the "A real man is a constant sexual predator" meme.

  31. So this is what Marines are afraid of. Wow, who knew they were a bunch of pansies?

  32. How stupid are these people!? I think this woman needs to worry about her husband more than her son!

  33. Oh sorry - I think this MAN needs to worry about himself! He MUST have some SERIOUS issues. Mom was TOO overbearing, Dad wasn't loving, got excited in the locker room in High School, meets guys at the local rest stop? Hum......