Monday, March 1, 2010

No Gods license plate in Indiana

Indiana roads have become a little more godless thanks to Jason:

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in him. He could have racked up a thousand irony points for putting it on our free In God We Trust license plates:
Seriously, I think these are more common than the standard plate. Makes me sad.

At least it seems Jason is living in a more liberal part of Indiana (Marion County is home to Indianapolis). If my car has survived living in West Lafayette with a Darwin Fish & Obama sticker, he should be fine.

(Via Friendly Atheist)


  1. I have noticed that the "In God We Trust" license plates are becoming more prominent also. Some have made it to Oklahoma (side note there is an In Reason We Trust license plate petition for Oklahoma). I drive through Indiana a bit and it is a noticeable increase.

  2. I've noticed that people with the "In God We Trust" license plates are usually horrible drivers.

    Then again, that might just be selection bias.

  3. I complained about the drivers with the "In God We Trust" plates and un-christian like driving behaviors. My mom has noticed it too. She recently traded in her "In God We Trust" plate for a "Kids First" plate and she is a Christian. (Win!!)

  4. The bad driving is certainly not just in Indiana. I've noticed that dangerous-driving cars disporportionately often have those Jesus fish on them.

    Maybe they're trying to prepare us for the Rapture, when they all expect to vanish from behind the wheel.....

    It's not that everyone has them here, either. In Portland it's somewhat rare to see a car without an Obama sticker.

    Congrats to Jason -- will be interesting to see what kind of reactions he gets, if any.

  5. Go Jason, looks great.

  6. Lucky guy, I live in a fairly conservative part of Fort Wayne. I would probably have my car vandalized for something like that. Not to mention I would probably get kicked out of school for having one of those!

  7. Gene Shepherd, who grew up in Indiana, wrote a book based on his childhood in the 30s. The title came from a sign at the local bar, "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash." That works just as well for atheists as well as anyone else.

    As for driving, my favorite bumper sticker was "Jesus would have used his turn signals." If that's what it takes ....

  8. When I lived in southern California, several times I had Darwin fish on my car damaged or removed...