Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Comment System!

Thanks to our new troll, I've set up a new comment system with Intense Debate. What does this mean for you guys?

1. No more trolls and spammers, yaaaay! Well, at least a reduced number, since now I can ban IP addresses and do all sorts of nifty things. Now those of you who subscribe to comments don't have to have that crap cluttering your inboxes or RSS feeds as I frantically delete them.

2. Comment threading! Yes, now instead of having to awkwardly reference people that are 15 comments above you, you can directly reply to their comment. It's like it's the year 2010 or something!

3. Comment rating. You can now upvote or downvote comments. That way if you don't want to miss some of the more awesome things that have been said, you can just sort by rating. I think that's pretty cool, especially since 90% of the time your comments are more entertaining/insightful than my original post.

There may be some bugs in the system, so email me (blaghagblog(at)gmail.com) if something isn't working out. I know I just accidentally sent someone's comment into moderation because I had "of" listed as a banned word - whoops. Ah, user error.

So, try it out! Consider this an open thread. Oh, and thank you psychotic Canadian troll for making this atheist blog even better!

EDIT: Soooo, Intense Debate was being a piece of crap. Sorry to lose the comments you guys left on the last couple of posts. I think this has been the final push I needed to switch over to Wordpress...


  1. Wordpress is wonderful! If you go there, check out my blog to see how it's set up.


  2. I have been using Intense Debate with Blogger for about 8=9 months and never had an issue. You might need to loosen up some of settings to start.

  3. Concur with Cirleh. I'm a year old now, no problems. Akismet is an awesome spam filter.

    Can you clean up old "new comment" sidebar, please? Looking at recent comments is an important way to navigate, and this sidebar is just a fossil of your ID experiment.

  4. Does it let you keep all of your old comments? I'd hate to lose them, but would love to stick it to the spammers.