Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness!

I have a confession to make: I care a tiny amount about March Madness. Me interested in sports - shocking, right? I think going to a Big Ten school helped, because now I have a team that I can arbitrarily pledge my allegiance to and root for. Of course, Robbie Hummel got hurt and now Purdue is effectively screwed, but I'll be cheering them on anyway.

But that's not the real reason I like March Madness. For the fourth year in a row we're having a family pool: It's me, my dad, mom, brother, his wife, her brother and parents, my other brother, and his girlfriend/spouse/omg get officially married already so I know what to call you. I love it because how competitive all the guys get. My dad and brothers played college basketball, my dad coached high school basketball for 25 years, and the other guys watch it religiously, so they all actually care about the outcomes. They strategically fill out their brackets and argue over who's the best choice.

The fun part? The ladies, who always randomly fill out their brackets, usually do just as well.

I'm not trying be stereotypical with the "Men like sports and women don't" trope - that's just how my immediate family actually is. But it's always good to get to the end of the tournament and go "Huh, I'm winning? Can't believe my random guessing is as good as your calculated choices..." Ah McCreights, we love rubbing it in.

Anyone else watching the tournament? Do you actually think you're good at figuring out the winner? Is there anything else in your life that you think you have control over, but it's probably more due to chance?


  1. I grew up - and still live - in North Carolina, where basketball is a way of life. You're defined from birth by which team you affiliate with - UNC, Duke, NC State, or, in my small hometown, Wake Forest. I remember talking to my friends about their teams when I was five years old.
    My father went to Duke, and now I'm at UNC for law school. It would be a much bigger deal here at UNC if this school had made the tournament this year. (Not the NIT.)

    But I was never that good at predicting the winners. I do know that there is one "upset" that is historically more likely to happen than the "expected" result - the 9 seed usually beats the 8 seed.

  2. Villanova for the win, with a Xavier/Villanova championship game. I will actually sit and watch an entire game of basketball if that happens...

    I actually choose the name I "like" the most (which means whichever one strikes my fancy the most as I'm filling out the bracket). I also hold a rather illogical hatred of Duke, so I have them going down in the first round to number 16 seed Arkansas-Pine Bluff (which I would like it noted, I actually did write in on my bracket and should therefore receive more points). It's a silly thing, but it does make my husband's desires to tell me about the game more interesting and engaging. I actually have a horse in this run (that might have been crossing the line with mixing metaphors).

  3. Stupid Georgetown screwing up my bracket. *grumble grumble*

    Anyways, I'm very cautiously rooting for Purdue but don't expect them to get too far now that Robbie is out. I'm going to be more enthusiastic about rooting for Butler since they are the team closest to me geographically right now.

  4. My dad had Georgetown to win it all, ahahahaaa!

    Besides that, my brackets are sucking =P

  5. Wait, wait, you mean random chance is as good as natural selection?


  6. March Madness is shaping up to be an event the size of the Super Bowl. Social Media is playing a huge role. I talked about it on my show