Sunday, March 21, 2010

James Randi = Dumbledore

The atheist blogosphere is overflowing with coverage about the news that James Randi has come out as gay. Like everyone else, I want to congratulate him on being brave enough to make this public. It's a bit sad that he had to wait until he was 81 to do so, but I think that really shows the progress that's being made for LGBT people.

But that's all been said before. I have something much more important to say.

James Randi totally is Dumbledore1. Both are known for their awesome magic skills
2. Kickass white beards. 'Nuff said
3. Wise, old men that many people respect
4. In charge of movements against stupidity/lies/evil
5. Excessive amount of middle names: "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" and "Randall James Hamilton Zwinge"
6. Both have a younger brother and younger sister
7. Gay

If only I knew if Randi had a fondness for sweets or enjoyed a good pair of socks...


  1. Can’t believe I’ve never seen the resemblance. Some Pothead I am. =(

    The only thing left is for Randi to have a ridiculously archaic and long full name and to make random quirky jokes now and then, and the transformation is complete. (You forgot their shared “shrewd blue eyes that make you feel like you’re being X-rayed”. =P)

  2. Just read the official statement...But since I am not registered on swift I will place the comment here. Milk was also the reason I decided to come is a great movie.

  3. Someone should warn Randi to stay clear of Alan Rickman.

  4. @Julie:
    I’ll spare you the standard “read the dang books!” response: Alan Rickman plays Snape in the films, and Snape is the character who, well, kills Dumbledore.

    </spoiler alert>

  5. @JT:
    You got NO excuse for not having read it! Unless you’re not interested in Harry Potter, in which case you then have NO excuse for getting offended at the spoiler. *blows raspberry*

  6. Joe, that's an old Harry Potter internet meme. Fail's on you.

  7. In that case, you shall tell me what this particular meme is, NAAOOO.

  8. Uh, Joe, I think she's just referring to the "SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!11!!!1!" kind of thing...

  9. But … but that’s what I said …

    Okay, I’m officially lost now.

  10. … Why haven’t you been hit by a bus yet? …

    Quick, someone post something intelligent to bring this thread back on-track!

  11. … Why haven’t you been hit by a bus yet? …

    Well, Joé, if you were a bus, would you want dm coating your wheels?

  12. Not to mention the poor traumatised bus driver... poor guy, having to suffer emotionally for causing somebody's death and never knowing that he did anyone a favour. I wouldn't wish that fate on anybody.

    (That said, I hasten to add: I have no desire to see anybody, even our illustrious visitor dm, hit by a bus. It's sometimes instructive for measuring the lower bound of human 'intelligence'.)

  13. He joins Dumbledore *and* Gandalf on that most high podium of the elite known as "people who can pull of gay AND wizardly and make them both awesome".

    Seriously, I'm happy for him to have come out but sad for him that he felt until now to be able to say it.

  14. 8) Dumbledore is dead (twice over); Randi has been dead (only once so far, I think).

  15. Having met Randi several times I'm sure he likes nice socks. They always have a big chocolate contest at T.A.M. but I don't know if he is very big in the chocolate department. I'm sure Rebecca Watson wouldn't turn it down!

  16. I think we all ought to send Mr. Randi interest pairs of socks. It would do no harm, and we could smile about it.

    Personality-wise, I've always thought of Randi as more the Mad-Eyed Moody type myself. Clear-headed, sharply observant, and irrascable in an amusing way.

  17. *ahem*

    "interesting", not "interest"

  18. I have to say I find this news shocking, and somewhat dismaying, too.

    Randi is 81?!

  19. Dear Mabus/Markuze/kook-of-a-thousand-stupid-names – whatever happened to your promise of GOATS ON FIRE!? Have you run out of gasoline, or did you drink it all again?

    Also: if you don’t go away, then please infest my blog – right here! – with your lunacy as well? That way, I could ban you quickly. Been itchin’ to smash the banhammer on someone’s head lately.

    (Yeah, I know, no troll-baiting … sorry …)

  20. @Joe: Ah, okay. I was confused because I thought Alan Rickman had come out as gay and somehow I'd missed it. Instead it was just a really lame joke.

  21. we're going to smash you fuckers into bits....

    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...



    atheists deny their own life element...

    add some comment moderation to your blog of blasphemy...idiot...

  22. @mcbender:
    But-but-but what about spreading an ugly greenish-brown stain of DM all over the road? Think of the poor asphalt, man.

    (Sitenote: I only had to ban him once and haven’t heard from him since. Viva IntenseDebate.)

  23. TODAY:

    1) Hey!  Randi is totally Dumbledore!  I bet I'm the first person to think of that!

    2) Or... no, wait.  The skeptic/geek Venn Diagram has a huge overlap.  To Google!

    3) Ah.  So.  Someone blogged about it over a year ago.  Bah.

    4) Hold up... it's by Blag Hag!  And it's awesome.  Lo, my defeat becomes a victory.

    5) Righto, non-canon fanart time :D

  24. I totally came to this conclusion independently today and was so crushed to find out I was not the first after googling it haha.