Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interdisciplinary research (comic)

I love PHD Comics. Because even though I say I read it to prepare me for grad school, it's already so much like my life. For example:Let's see...

I work in the Ecological Genetics Laboratory but get paid by Genetics (and previously Howard Hughes). My Advisor is in Forestry and Natural Resources but my other Advisor is in Ecology. Officially, I'm part of Biology in Lilly Hall...even though my office* is in Pfendler Hall. Most of my classes are on molecular & cell biology, yet technically my degree is in Genetics and Ecology, Evolution, & Environmental Biology. So basically, I belong in the Biology Borg Collective.

Okay, I guess that's not too insane. But seriously, I've taken two advanced genetics classes and a tiny seminar class, and that's good enough for a degree in Genetics. That's kind of terrifying. Less microbiology, more genetics!

*Office = lab bench space that I have guarded dearly for three years and damnit who keeps moving my pipettemen and tiny tubes and tube opener?! *hoard hoard hoard*


  1. I've been tempted to print this one out and tape it to my office door;

    How Grad School is Just Like Kindergarten

    But I don't want everyone to know I take a nap when I show up uber-early at 8am because of my car pool schedule.

  2. As for hoarding; I had the GAANN fellowship when I first got here that included a research stipend that I used to buy equipment. I bought a nice set of syringes and kept them hidden in the back of my desk drawer for the longest time with the only ones knowing where they were being me and my boss.

    And of course my boss grabbed some of them and left them out in the lab where the undergrads could find them and my 100uL syringe got broken the next fucking day.

    Given, I'm not innocent on breaking them, as I've broken one of the 10uL ones and the other 100uL.

    But I don't put the broken fucking syringe back in the goddamn box and pretend I didn't fucking break it, I know you did it you motherfuc--

    Sorry, where did that come from?