Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homeopathy: Now for vaginas too!

Phil over at Skeptic Money is always keeping his eye out for silly homeopathic scams. Now he's "found one just for the ladies":

There is now a “treatment” for a yeast infection. It is called Yeast Gard. It has no side effects. Actually, it has no effects. Here are the “active” ingredients: Candida albicans 28x, Candida parapsilosis 28x, Pulsatilla 28x. Since I had no idea what these things are – I had to look them up. You’re gonna love this…. (From Wikipedia)

Candida albicans is a diploid fungus (a form of yeast) and a causal agent of opportunistic oral and genital infections in humans.

Candida parapsilosis is a fungal species of the yeast family that has become a significant cause of sepsis and of wound and tissue infections in immuno-compromised patients.

The genus Pulsatilla includes about 30 species, many of which are valued for their finely-dissected leaves, solitary bell-shaped flowers, and plumed seed heads. The anthers are bright yellow and the purple bell consists of sepals.

Ah, that's lovely. Add a bunch of gel with the "memory" of yeast (aka, a bunch of gel with nothing in it) to your vagina, and your yeast infection should clear up in a couple of days! Even though your yeast infection probably would have cleared up in a couple of days if you did nothing. Ah, scams, aren't they lovely?

Though the thing I find most amusing is that whenever someone recommends a post or article to me (like this one), 90% of the time it's about vaginas/penises/boobies/sex. Well, there's usually some sort of skeptical bent to it, or it's inane enough to need my commentary or debunking. You guys know me too well (I mean, look, I already had a "vagina" tag). Kind of love it that sex makes you think of me!


  1. Hey that vagina's got a girl on it!

    Look on the bright side, whilst this gel is as ineffective as all other homeopathic remedies, at least this one can double as a sexual lubricant.

    Smear it on girl, smear it on!

  2. Interesting that they need to stop at 28x rather than go all the way to 30c.

    Does potentising it too much kill off the good yeasts, too?

    Silly homoeoe.

  3. It's just how our minds work. I think of sex, immediately Jen comes to mind. (no comment on the inverse relationship.)

    But, all kidding aside, wtf? I don't know much about yeast infections, but it seems like inserting more yeast and some colourful plants would be very foolish. Of course, it is homeopathy, so I'm not that surprised, but you know, if I was going to put something on my dick, I'd definitely read the instructions and make sure it can do what it says it does.

    Edit: Ah, the captcha is back.

  4. Speaking of penises...

    Apparently Indiana is #4 for penis size. Not sure if that makes you lucky or unlucky.

  5. I'm getting rather tired of good news sites that are starting to clog up space with "Living" and "Impact" sections that are little more than crap.

    Witness the Huffington Post, whose Living section sports the following headlines:

    "Do You Only Live Once? Science Suggests Life Not One-Time Deal"
    "Why Do Humans Dance?"
    "Does the Moon Exist If There Are No Sentient Beings to Look At It?"

    Gimme a fuckin' break.

  6. Ugh, homeopathy. I sometimes find it irritates me even more than religion does...

  7. Maybe it was the yeast that made me think of you!

  8. lol dm. Linking to broken threads and posting crap since whenever. Who gives a fuck.

  9. In case anyone's not privy to it, Steve Novella, a neuroscientist over at the New England Skeptical Society, has a fantastic blog in which homeopathy is a favorite target:

  10. "Would Sentient Beings Exist If We Had No Moon To Look At?"

  11. Did they stop at 28x because that would *link* it to the cycle of the Moon and have some sort of *waves hands* pow-errrrr?

  12. Definitely the inverse relationship for me...

  13. Ah, I see DM now. Could that be David Mabus, the raving lunatic from Canada?

    Dale Husband

  14. It is Mr. Mabus. I've been turning his bullshit into spam for a week or so.

    Jen, completely off-topic, but being as you're still trapped in Indiana, thought this might be a concern to you.

    Giant poop bubbles. Teehee.

  15. See here where the crazy DM spammed my blog too:

    I just gave him the PZ Myers treatment.

  16. Sorry, DM, you bastard, but we do not live in the Middle Ages or in a Muslim country, where your threat would have any teeth.

    You can go to hell!

  17. LOL! DM, everyone knows that you are a lying little shit who makes Mr Hankey look respectable.

    On second thought, you are more like Cartman.

    Dale Husband, the Honorable Skeptic