Friday, February 19, 2010

Send an Atheist to Church: Final results

The results are in! During our Send an Atheist to Church event, the Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University raised...

$362.95 for Food Finders Food Bank!

That is so amazing! I wasn't sure if we'd even raise $100, but we blew past that goal!

And for those of you who are wondering about the more competitive side of the event, here are the donation results per denomination:
The Episcopalians had the highest amount, just barely beating the Baptists by six cents! Representatives from both of those denominations stopped by and made big donations, which helped put them in the lead. $37.34 was also donated to just a general fund that didn't represent a specific denomination - some people didn't want to send us to any religious service, haha. I guess the Episcopalians and Baptists will have a lot of atheists coming their way soon...

Thanks so much to everyone who donated and to everyone who helped organize the event. I would call this a huge success!


  1. Great idea, great outcome. Food banks love money. Well done SNT at Purdue!

  2. Terrific job raising money for a great cause. I really hope you are planning on taking notes at the Baptist service. I can imagine that the blog post from that is going to be EPIC!

  3. So which churches for Palm and Easter Sundays?

  4. that is an awesome idea! glad it went well!

  5. Guess who is coming to my church :)!


    How much would somebody pay to send a creationist to biology class? :)

  6. Looking over the franchises listed, I realize I've never understood this 'non-denominational' business (I was raised RC, which of course is The Only True Christian Church). Isn't it rather like spending all that time and money on going to college and never declaring a major?