Monday, February 8, 2010

A preemptive blog apology

Hey everyone. This is just a bit of a warning that I'm going to be busier than usual during the next couple of weeks, and thus posting may temporarily slow down. How busy? I'll be out of the state on graduate school visits approximately 40% of the time during the next four weeks. Here's my slightly insane schedule:

2/16 - 2/18: Cambridge, MA
2/20 - 2/23: Seattle, WA
3/3 - 3/7: Stanford, CA

Yeah, at this point I'm glad I decided to only apply to my top three schools. Can't imagine having to do more than this, like some of my friends.

Problem is that not only am I out of the state and busy interviewing, but I also don't have a lap top. That means I probably won't be able to make any significant posts even if I get a minute to breathe. So consider this a preemptive apology for my likely absence. Sorry guys, my future is just a tad more important than blogging at the moment.

On a related note, a couple of people have asked me if I'll have time to grab a coffee or something. I won't at Harvard, I probably won't at Stanford, but I will definitely be available in Seattle. I have all of Saturday the 20th to explore and goof off. I already know a couple of my readers (hopefully not axe murderers) are keen to hang out; so if you're in the area and interested in an informal meet up, let me know. I've already seen the touristy stuff in Seattle, so it would be nice to do something different.

Alright, back to work!


  1. I have no idea how you managed to get through university without a laptop computer.

    That said... best of luck with your interviews.

  2. I am jealous beyond measure that you'll be going to California before I get to return. It's my homeland, yet I'm stuck here in the middle of a Louisiana swamp while you get to stroll around Stanford.


  3. Well, the Discovery Institute is located in Seattle. You could always go find Casey Luskin and kick him in the nads.

  4. I actually found the Discovery Institute last time I went to Seattle! Was too timid to try and get in, though.

  5. Oh! I hope we have nice weather here in Seattle for your visit! Odds are not...but I'll cross my fingers LOL

  6. Stanford! Time to throw a party here! Want to come visit Google?

  7. I'm too small to be an axe murderer... Just don't have the build for it. (I was however endowed with wit. :) )

    Coffee, amazing sandwiches, and perhaps the the Pacific Science Center or the Museum of Glass. Either way, we'll have fun.

  8. Seattle? Go hang out with Dan Savage! (Pleaseeeeeee)

  9. A friend of mine who works at the Pacific Science Center *highly* recommends their new Mars exhibit. And of course, her planetarium shows are always a blast - if you go there, ask for Alice!

  10. Look out for Jaki's wit, she wields it, snicker-snack, like a rapier!

  11. If you are looking for a last breath of fresh liberal air before returning to Indiana (I hear they have pro-life license plates), you should drop by Madison. You'll also get to see all the snow that makes Wisconsin absolutely miserable until April-ish.

  12. Ah Veritas, sarcasm befits us nicely. ;)

  13. There's a lot of good food places in Seattle I could recommend, especially ethnic. (We have great Vegan, Thai, Indian, a few good Middle Eastern, and one or two good Italian places I know of. Plus a Jamaican place.) What type of food do you like?

    There are also tango and swing dances around town most nights of the week. Folk dance isn't as big.

    Discovery Park is awesome. So is Green Lake.

    You can rent kayaks at Agua Verde to go Kayaking on Lake Washington if it's not too cold.

    You can rent a bicycle to bike on the Burke-Gelman at Recycled Cycles.

    The ferry from downtown seattle to Bainbridge Island is really cool on a somewhat clear day. Takes about an hour and a half if you ride it there and back. (And there's nothing to see on Bainbridge.)

    There are bunches of things listed on The Stranger's website of music and theatre events that weekend. They also list a lot of bars and restaurants by neighborhood and type, along with reviews.

    And, if you're into kink, google CSPC and seattle.