Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day, everyone! This year the Society of Non-Theists had a fairly simple event, since we have so much other stuff going on. We just had our annual Darwin Fish fundraiser selling cool evolution oriented merchandise.
We sold a lot throughout the day, and made about 150 dollars! Woot! Now we can spend even more money on pizza. And the club members rejoice.

Of course, I'm not too surprised that our fundraiser did well. It does well every year, especially since we hold it in the LILY, the biology building.
I mean, can't you just tell that's the biology building, with that artwork in the background? The hands of God coming out of clouds and creating the first cells is totally a biologically sound theory...right?

Regardless of artwork that annoys the biologists, it was a good day for evolution. I saw a random person wearing a Happy Birthday Darwin pin, which made me super happy. I also got to briefly teach my honors freshman class about evolution! We're learning about mutations and selecting bacteria that can survive in certain environments, so it was somewhat relevant. The professor asked if I would explain evolution to them, since I like it so much.

I have to say, I was really impressed. Everyone already understood the basics of the theory without the misconceptions. I specifically wore my Darwin Athletic Club: Survival of the Fittest t-shirt and asked them why it wasn't really correct, and they got it right: that strength and endurance doesn't necessarily mean an individual is fit - it's reproduction that matters. They also asked extra questions about epigenetics and kin selection. I was really impressed for freshmen! The intro biology class has been updated since I last took it, and is a lot more evolution heavy - looks like people are actually understanding it now!

Not sure anything can make Darwin Day better than teaching our future scientists about evolution.


  1. I'm glad you did so well, and I'm happy to have contributed! Although I was sad that the car emblems were all gone by the time I got there :(

  2. Jen, I would argue there is not much that can ame Darwin Day better than having freshmen _understand_. Teaching is great. But understanding is way better. Understanding to the point of asking the right questions.... I think I need to go have a lay down.

  3. While I was sitting at the table, some lady who bought stuff from us was commenting on how ridiculous the mural was. She also asked if we had pissed anyone off yet. It made my day.

  4. My favorite holiday of the year! Also, happy birthday to Abe. He was a cool guy too, even if he wasn't as honest as his nickname may suggest.

  5. Didn't the hand of God used to have a pair of Einsteinian dice? Where'd they go?

  6. Are those Darwin fish patches I see toward the top of the photo? If so, tell me where I can get one, please!

    Michael (darwinsbulldog AT gmail DOT com