Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's still time to support Skepchicamp!

While I will no longer be able to speak at Skepchicamp, I still think it's a great cause worthy of support. If you want to help fund this awesome mini conference, there are still tickets left for the big godless party in Chicago this Saturday. For $30 dollars you get booze, food, and the company of awesome people like multiple Skepchicks, Hemant from Friendly Atheist, and me! EDIT: And Hilary Mark Nelson, who is so inconceivably wonderful not only because he is bribing me with chocolate, but he's also driving, which leaves myself and others able to imbibe alcohol. Woooo! How could you resist?

Oh, though if you're a single lady, you definitely shouldn't come. I don't want any competition in the auction for a date with Hemant. Though gay guys are still encouraged to come - if I'm going to lose, the outcome might as well be hilariously awkward for Hemant.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go hide from a certain someone who'll be angry that I'm scaring away all the cute females...


  1. What? Don't I get a mention as one of the attractions? Be nice to your driver, or you may not get some of his flourless chocolate torte at the party. ;-)

  2. My raging ego is assuaged. Extra torte for you, and no rationing on the whipped cream and raspberry-framboise sauce!

  3. In the mean time, you might appreciate this... Vanity Fair went to the Creation "Museum".

  4. Stop scaring away all the cute females!

    (If you're not going to be there, there better be 394823 ladies in your place at your behest. Get on that.)

  5. If I could come, I'd bet on Hemant. Our date would involve me asking him complex math questions and trying to remember grade 12 calculus. I think it'd be a good time.