Friday, January 29, 2010

The creationist persecution complex continues

My friend Mike, who blogs over at Politics and Pucks, recently posted a little rant on the conservative and religious environment around Cincinnati, OH. Such a rant cannot be complete without mentioning the Creation Museum, which he did several times. Apparently the Creation Museum is a lot like Beetlejuice - say its name too many times, and one of their representatives will pop up crying "Persecution!" Mike, feel honored that you hurt their feelings enough to get a comment from Mark Looy, co-founder of the Creation Museum:
So the implication is that Bill Cunningham is also a bigot because he supported the Creation Museum after the Cincinnat Zoo -- during the Christmas season -- stopped its promotional package that offered families a discount to visit both attractions. The zoo yielded to the pressure of dozens of intolerant (often hateful) people who demanded that the zoo stop its ticket partnership with us. And somehow Mr. Cunningham is a bigot for exposing this intolerance and hate? Mark Looy, CCO, Creation Museum, Petersburg, Kentucky
Dear Mark Looy and other Creationists who Just Don't Get It,

I am tolerant of your outright lies and delusions in the sense that I will never threaten you or your families and I support your right to freedom of speech. Shame on anyone who has done so, atheist or not. However, tolerance does not equal respect or support, which you have to earn.

Your museum (which I had the misfortune of visiting) is a complete sham and an insult to human intelligence, reason, and curiosity. Having a place that supports learning and scientific inquiry even associate itself with you is totally inappropriate. The Cincinnati Zoo should not support the Creation Museum, a World War II museum should not support Holocaust deniers, and an Astronomical Observatory should not support flat Earthers. You are absolutely no different from these wacky fringe groups. Freedom of religion does not mean we have to think you're awesome and suck up to you.

Until you realize this, I have every right to point and laugh at you, just as you have every right to put dinosaurs munching alongside Adam and Eve. Crying about how you're a victim and those godless scientists are the real meanies is only going to continue making you the laughing stock of America.


Godless Scientist Meanie


  1. Nicely written. Eloquent, strong and powerful. :-)

  2. I'm all for freedom to chose for individuals, but a line has to be drawn when it comes to peddling masculine bovine excrement to undeveopled minds. It should be as illegal as selling snake oil as a cure for all ills.

    This is why I fully support the "Please don't label me' campaign.

  3. You're such a big meanie atheist, Jen.

  4. I posted a comment over there aimed at getting Mark Looy all worked up... I wonder if he'll reply (I'm not holding my breath).

  5. Now, folks. Didn't your parents teach you not to make fun of the handicapped?

  6. Jen, since we parted ways before the evolution exhibit and I made it into Lisle's speech, did you talk to Looy at the museum? I saw some atheists quizzing Looy after Lisle's diatribe. He is as good of an apologetic as you would expect.

  7. Agree completely. I now expect them to quote-mine you (while refusing to link to you) for comparing them to flat-earthers and Holocaust deniers. How dare you compare them to illogical, reality deniers who cling dogmatically to a theory that was debunked before any of us were born!

  8. Well said. I'm glad to see you aren't pulling any punches.