Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's not lupus...

...it's mono! Yay. Just what I needed right before winter break, to get sick.

Apparently it was pretty obvious to my doctor, just looking at symptoms alone. Apparently giant tonsils (enough to make him go "Woah!" - I felt kind of accomplished, like I had grown a giant pumpkin for a competition or something), white spots, swollen lymph nodes, and an achey spleen = mononucleosis.

Doctor: Have you been feeling tired or fatigued?
Me: ...I always feel tired and fatigued (unsaid: I'm a college student). I guess I've been feeling more tired and fatigued, but it's also finals week, so who knows what the cause is.
Doctor: ...good point.

It was even obvious enough that he didn't claim I was pregnant, which notoriously happens to every female who ever goes to our health center for any kind of ailment. He sent me down to get my blood drawn to confirm that it was indeed mono. I had actually never had my blood drawn before today. I'm not sure how I got to age 22 without it; guess I just never have been really sick. I was a weenie and closed my eyes, since I'm stupidly squeamish - now you know one of the reasons I'm not going to medical school.

I came back about a half hour later and he confirmed the lab results. Though I have to say, I love it when doctors find out I'm a biologist, because they get visibly excited that they can start explaining things more in depth. He told me how all the various tests worked and why they showed I indeed had mono (on the bright side, I'm not anemic like I suspected - guess my fatigue was the mono). I was starting to geek out as well until I realized, crap, I have mono. Sigh, I guess if there's a time for me to have no energy for many weeks, it's during winter break. Not like I was planning on doing anything other than blog writing and video game playing.

Though I thought it was appropriate that not only do I have mono the disease, but I have mono the plush microbe:
Guess I needed to lay off the kissing.


  1. You should probably make a sacrifice to gain favor from God so he heals you. As cute as it is, maybe the plush would be a good choice.

  2. By the time I was 22 I had already donated a gallon of blood.

  3. Yeah, when I had mono I didn't even know. "Are you tired and fatigued?" "Well, I have a girlfriend, and we stay up late... so yes." It wasn't until I got a simultaneous throat and ear infection that I went to the health center (also notorious for telling girls they're pregnant - luckily not the guys though) and they informed me of my mono.

    The plushie is cute, but my favorite stuffed animals are from Morbid Tendencies. I guess the site's down right now, but you can see samples here and here.

  4. Ooooh, so sorry. Please get better soon. A lurker

  5. Get well soon, Jen!

    --This generic phrase not brought to you by Hallmark because they're too cheap to pay me.

  6. Ooooh, geeking out over mono tests! Would that be the one where they test for your body going crazy and making antibodies it has no business making? Cause that one is awesome.

  7. I was in my twenties before I had blood drawn, too. I volunteered for a pharmacological trial (money!) and the when they took the standard little sample to check that my health was alright, I keeled over and had to lie down (was the same with jabs when I was younger). First time I had the catheter inserted for the regular sampling experiment, I had to sit down for a bit too- unfortunately I also had to go to the loo to empty my bladder since urine was to be checked as well.

    My GP does speak to me as a grown up, but my therapist was better at milking it for what it was worth. Which is good, I s'pose.

    Best of luck beating the wee buggers.

  8. I've already had mono. And from what I understand, it's like chicken pox. You can only get it once.

    So we can still make out ;P

  9. My sympathies. I too received disquieting medical news today; I went in for a routine eye examination and it turns out I may have glaucoma. Not exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    Keep writing; you're good at it, and always interesting.

  10. sbh, so sorry to hear that. Glaucoma is much more worrisome than mono =(

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. And Jon for the mildly creepy wishes ;)

  11. Hope you feel better soon.

    I didn't get blood drawn 'til I was around 16. Recently, it's been more plasma for donation, since 40-50 bucks a week or so is pretty sweet.

  12. Ugh, I caught mono while at school a year or so ago - I haven't felt fully energetic since (need to remember to get my blood tested again, just in case I still *have* mono ... which would suck).

    I hope you get well in short order :) At least you got it while on break (caught mine mid-semester, ended up withdrawing since I wanted to sleep all day and ... well ... did so)

  13. Geez, it took till your senior year till you got mono? I got it my freshman year. And walked to the university clinic in a snowstorm after fainting in the bathroom that morning. (True!)

    You kids today are slackers. :)

    Rest, and have some chicken soup!