Monday, December 14, 2009

Flip a switch; become a dude!

Okay, so it's not exactly that simple; but researchers have found a gene that keeps females being...well, female. FOXL2, which was known to be involved with ovary growth, apparently keeps a woman's body from turning into a man. Switch off FOXL2, and ovaries will start turning into testes and testosterone-producing cells will develop. Just think what this says about the human gender binary, or future less invasive methods for people undergoing gender reassignment.

*obligatory SCIENCE IS COOL flailing*

Sorry, that's all the commentary you get, since my tonsils currently feel like they're turning into...uh...inflamed...spikey...polka-dotted sadness*. Which I guess is better than testicles? Check out the article for a more detailed explanation, or for the genetically-inclined, read the original paper here.

*My wit fails me when I don't feel well. I apologize.


  1. I can't wait to see the same thing done male to female! Hopefully it'll work the same way, as they've predicted.

  2. There’re still many great differences to overcome to make a true and complete transition between sexes – for one thing, turning off FOXL2 may produce more testosterone, but it also renders one infertile – but it is a good start nonetheless. Small steps, small steps. (Even if they’re comparatively large.)

  3. No, it's NOT better than testicles.

    *insert joke about deep throating here.*


  4. I guess it's somewhat better than testicles due to you don't have to worry about someone kicking you in the tonsils.

    LOL seems someone got mono. Someones been kissing, kissing, kissing!!

  5. Never mind the fine print, where do I sign?!