Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Erotic pottery, sleeping around, and the gaydar

Okay, now that I have your attention...

Today was just full of sexual news! Usually each of these stories would win their own post, but I guess I'll just make one super sexy entry. Try not to get too hot and bothered.

1. A new exhibit has opened featuring the erotic artwork of ancient Greece and Rome. Ah, I'm so proud of my ancestors. I can't imagine having the dishes in my apartment covered in drawings of gay sex. ...Well, okay, I can, but some of my guests probably wouldn't want to eat off of them. ...Who am I kidding, my friends are all strange like me. They'd love it. That being said, I love their description of the prostitutes kiosk, with the walls covered with illustrations on what's on the menu. "Eh, you like the retrograde wheelbarrow over there? That's two chickens and a loaf of bread." (Via Boing Boing)

2. A new study from University of Minnesota researchers has found that casual sex does not have a negative psychological impact on those that practice it. So to all of those people out there who say sex without love is evil or imply that something is wrong with people who enjoy sex for the sake of sex - HA!

3. Oh, the inner workings of the Gaydar. Not only do people fair better than random guessing when it comes to speculation on a stranger's sexual orientation, but they can make that decision in under a second. Original article talks about the evolutionary implications and some of the studies flaws, though it left out my major criticism - how do fag hags do compared to the general public?!? I'm pretty sure I would have been an outlier if you threw me in that study.


  1. On #2, to each their own.

    On #3, that's surprising to me. I have terrible gaydar. For example, I just figured out this week that one of my co-workers - one I see almost every day - is gay. I have been working at this place for nearly four months.

  2. whoa, is your blog title a play on "fag hag"? I never put that together before.

  3. I just straight up don't get what "fag hag" actually is. Jen keeps doing this to me. I'm at work or I'd check Urban Dictionary.

  4. Veritas, it is a girl that hangs around with gay men, usually. Correct me if I am wrong, Jen.

    This post is made of the win.

  5. Dan!, yes, my blog's name is a play on fag hag. I have a full explanation here:

    And BeamStalk, that's pretty much the simplest definition, sure. Veritas, poke around Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary when you're off work ;)

  6. I just won't be satisfied until I can put those dishes on my wedding registry at Saks. We're still a couple of steps away.

    Veritas, a fag hag is a women who enjoys the company of gay men. It's come to be a rather derogatory term to some, meaning more of an unattractive woman who enjoys the company of gay men because they give her the attention that straight men won't, which leads to awkward situations. I think a more fitting term, if appropriate to our hostess, would be "fairy sprinkle," which is more of a woman who just enjoys general fabulosity, but that doesn't translate well to any blog-oriented pun that I can think of.

  7. Historically "fag hag" fit the more derogatory description you pointed out, though today a lot of women use it with pride. We're taking it back!

    Kind of loving "fairy sprinkle" though, haha.

  8. More power to ya Jen! I'm in an exclusive contract with one at the moment. We even live together. It's great; sort of like a complication-free marriage, and we both get to date whomever we want. Anyway, you've got a fantastic blag. Keep it up!

  9. I still recall a Dame Edna show showing off people's houses.

    One couple had a big reproduction of a Greek sexscene on the ceiling above the dining table. The audience panel later had to guess what kinda placemats(?) they had. The answer: mirrors.

    I suck at interpersonal interactions &c. Apparently one of the guys I started uni with (many many many years ago) is gay. I only know because I happened to see him with another guy a coupla seats in front of me at the symphony some years ago.

  10. She: Don't you think sex without love is an empty experience?

    He: Yeah, but as empty experiences go, it's one of the best!

    -Woody Allen (from Love and Death)

  11. What I first thought of when I read the Minnesota sex study is that having casual sex is a self-selecting group. In other words, those that are psychologically prepared for casual sex and are therefore less likely to have deleterious psychological effects from casual sex are the most likely to have casual sex in the first place. Just a thought.

  12. Wow that pottery! *blush*

    I don't think I have much of a gaydar myself, although I'm probably a little better than the average straight woman. Do you need to be a real-life fag hag to have a better one? LOL I just got into the "gay zone" on LiveJournal by chance and fitted right in. I've met few of my gay friends in person.