Friday, December 25, 2009

An eerie resemblance

Brought to you by the same relatives who produced the best blasphemous birthday gifts, I now show you my new awesome Christmas gift:Look familiar? I'll help you out:Yep. Chris and Erin got me the same awesome, soft, cuddly, adorable octopus plushie from the PZ photo. And it wasn't a coincidence - they got it because they know I love PZ's blog and would know the photo.

The funny part is when I walked in and saw an octopus plushie under the tree I exclaimed, "Man, I want that!" thinking it was for my nephews (since 99% of the presents were for them, naturally). At the time I didn't recognize exactly which exact plushie it was, since it was upside down and half buried by the twins' toys. Later on I was telling Erin how awesome it was, and she went "Well good, because it's for you!" Yaaaay!

Nothing makes a better pillow than a cephalopod. Well, maybe a kangaroo rat...


  1. Hi from Engerland, Jen.

    Have a lovely, rational New Year and may your cuddly octopus never tear your soft, pulpy body from it's protective exoskeleton.


    The Jules

  2. Awww, that's awesome! Merry Squidmas. :)

  3. Always glad to see more Squishables being sold. Remember to send them the picture. They donate a small amount to a charity every month for each photo they receive of the happy owners.

    Happy Monkey!