Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blag Hag: A Year in Review

It's December, which means every blog is somewhat required to pump out Top Ten lists looking back at the past year. I feel a bit haughty doing one about myself, seeing as this blog didn't even exist for all of 2009 - but a couple of you guys requested it, so here you go. This also may be a nice little review for some of my newer readers who haven't dug through all of my archived posts (I don't blame you!). Here are my top 10 posts, determined by an unscientific mash up of my personal opinion and Google Analytics.

10. Comic (amazed this didn't get me lynched)

9. Oh noes, atheists are taking over teh internets!!11!one!!

8. Darwin finds the best evidence against his theory (comic)

7. Purdue professor: Gays wasting our money on AIDS research

6. Natural Sexuality

5. Creation Museum Review: Start at part 1

4. Book Review: The Professor and the Dominatrix

3. You know what else is an abomination, Maine? Lobster

2. Anti-porn event - emotional appeals and dangerous information

1. What atheists wish would happen at the Creation Museum

Is there a favorite post of yours thank you think belongs in the top ten?


  1. Yes … T’was a good year, indeed.

    May 2010 bring its own fair share of blasphemy and hedonistic godlessness! *licks lips*

  2. Number one for me would be the book review because that is how I found your site.

  3. Looks like your website is under attack from supernatural forces…


    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

  4. Like BeamStalk, I would select the Book Review as my number one choice. It was brilliant: well written and very witty!

  5. What, I don't even get a GOATS ON FIRE? I'm disappointed

  6. It's been a good year Jen. Can't wait for all the excitement and heathenism that will flourish next year. :)

  7. The Professor and the Dominatrix is going to have to be my choice as well. It was the first post of yours I read and it convinced me to keep reading.

  8. I really like your bloglet, so let me wish you:
    Happy New Arbitrary Division of the Earth’s Solar Orbit! (not to mention Merry Repurposing of Ancient and Somewhat Innaccurately Timed Solstitial Celebrations!)

  9. Nicely done!! The Creation Museum is definitely #1 if I were to make a top ten list. :)

  10. oh goodness... I had forgotten about the comic at #10... makes me bust out laughing all over again.

    I'm not sure I could order your blog entries as so, but all the ones in the top 10 there are certainly strong contenders! Here's to a great year, and hopeful for another great one to come!

  11. I'm quite amazed this blog is as young as it is, and that its risen to such popularity so quickly. I started mine in January, but never came close to posting with your frequency. It really speaks to the time and effort you've put into it - but I guess it never hurts to be linked in pharyngula a few times, either ;)

    Good luck in your last semester! I can't wait to hear how the great grad school search ends up.