Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two news articles on the Chapman incident

I have a feeling this story is going to take off - not because someone said something homophobic (no news there, unfortunately) - but because it's generating good discussion about free speech. There's an article over at the Journal & Courier, Lafayette's local newspaper, and the IndyStar, a newspaper in Indianapolis. They use a quote from my original post in their article, woo.

If anything, go to check out the comments from the Hoosiers...kind of frightening.


  1. Once again, making headlines. You little attention-seeker, you.

    Lulz, kiddin’. Glad the discussion is taking flight. And now, a flood of new commenters in three … two …

  2. Don't forget the Chicago Tribune had an article.

    I am trying to keep a list (both for the Queer Student Union's sake, my own personal interest, and for other bloggers.) Here is my list so far:

  3. I hoped the boyfried who must not be named isn't intimated by your immense fameitude.