Saturday, November 7, 2009

An interesting run-in

Last night the Hot Date* and I were wasting time around Borders before The Men Who Stare At Goats began (which was excellent and skeptic-y, by the way). I pointed out all the different biology books that I've been meaning to read ("...Why are there so many biology books about sex?" "...Do you need a reason?"), we flipped through the Book of Genesis illustrated by R. Crumb, and then of course we ended up in the sex section giggling like preteens. That's where I found a much better version of the Bible, complete with old and new testaments!

After we were standing there for a while, a female student came up to me. "Jennifer?" she asks. "Yes?" "Jennifer McCreight?" "Er, yes?" I didn't recognize her, but a lot of times random people I don't know very well from the club say hi to me, so I thought maybe that was the case. She smiled and introduced herself very politely, then added "I'm from the Stewart Cooperative."

I'll be honest that my first thought was "Oh shit." If you don't remember why, the Stewart Cooperative was the group that put on the infamous Porn and Popcorn event that I tore to shreds on my blog a while back. In person I'm pretty non-confrontational, so I was kind of afraid that I was about to get drawn into a debate (though Hot Date probably would have found it amusing).

But then she surprised me. She apologized for the event and agreed that the message of Porn and Popcorn was bad. She thanked me for writing the review, and said that after reading it she realized how stupid some of the things were that were said. Apparently it was passed around the women of the cooperative, and many agreed with my opinions (though I still have my enemies, which is totally understandable). I commented that part of it was out of their hands - they don't know exactly what a speaker is going to say when they get up there. She said that the event was suggested and coordinated mainly by alumni, and that many of the current Stewart women didn't entirely realize what it was about, and that in the future they don't want such things to happen. She also mentioned she still reads my blog - so hello, and thank you for being so nice!

I'm always incredibly pleased when a run-in like this happens. I have to say, I have significantly more positive run-ins than negative ones, even with people who I think are about to go off on me. It makes me feel that even when I think I'm just ranting, it can actually do some good.

Oh, and as a side note, of course she found me when I was tittering at some sex book. Way to confirm stereotypes about myself, haha.

*Yes, I find it incredibly fun to keep him secret from all of you guys Wilson-style. I'm weird.


  1. It's best you don't real Hot Date's identity. We wouldn't want Joé to murder the fellow in his sleep. However, we need a better nickname for the man. I think he should be The Date That Must Not Be Named.

  2. Well, it would hardly be fair on the poor boy(?) to throw him to the wolves like that right away.

    Glad to hear about the good experience. The fact that it was old fogies that arranged the P&P sounds good - it's a sign that we're 'winning' and the coming generation of Christians are cut from a far more reasonable and tolerant cloth.

    I hope.

  3. It's a step forward. Every person who realizes that there's something to what Jen said (in the P&P case), or listens to reason in any case, is a step forward. I can imagine that this was probably a fulfilling experience for Jen to hear this response. I can only wonder how many others were equally affected but remain silent.

  4. Dammit, Veritas, must you keep spoiling my plans? *quickly hides sharp pointy knives*

    Erm … right. Well, that was a good experience, from what I can tell. As Sili said, it is good to know (or at least, surmise) that the Next Generation of Christians are slowly (but surely) becoming more open and tolerant towards things like reality. Who knows; maybe in a few years, they’ll drop the entire thing entirely.

    … Make that a few decades. Or more.

    *BTW, Jen, it’s not a good idea to hide Mr. HotDate like Wilson, considering I – er, House – did eventually discover it was Amber. Get the idea? ;-)

  5. It's a brilliant idea, but 'Hot Date' sounds like something a geezer would say. At least, it's what my geezers say.

    Awesome that it didn't end up being an 'oh snap' bad moment.

  6. Joe, I was thinking of Wilson from Home Improvement, not Wilson from House (amazingly)

  7. Oh. Kadoodles. Well, I have no idea what Home Improvement is, so I wouldn’t know.

  8. Heh, Wilson from Home Improvement was my first thought too.

    Wilson moments

  9. I actually first thought Wilson from Cast Away (I liked that movie, yeah I said it). Anyway, I think this is a very positive thing. Unless this was lip service (which I wasn't there, so I would not know), this sounds very good.

  10. Maybe it's not that your ranting is doing some good, but rather good people respond nicely to it.