Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful that by chance of birth...

I am thankful that by chance of birth I have running water, proper sewage systems, electricity, and enough food that I'm going to feel sick after eating it all, and then still have left overs for a week.

I am thankful that by chance of birth I have two parents that wanted me, love me, and continue to support me; that I have grandparents, an uncle, brothers, nephews, and in-laws who are all amazing people, none of which I'd want to distance myself from.

I am thankful that by chance of birth first class medical care is available to me, that dying from a curable disease is a foreign concept, that I actually have health care unlike so many others, and that I still have room to complain that it should be better.

I am thankful that by chance of birth I live in a country where my freedom of speech is protected; I can write and blog and criticize religion without wondering if I'll lose my job, end up in jail, or suffer serious physical harm.

I am thankful that by chance of birth I was born in a century where I'm not seen as property to a man, that I haven't been forced to bear multiple children by age 22 (or died in the process of doing so), and that I'm not viewed as less intelligent or capable of a scientist for having a uterus.

I am thankful that by chance of birth my greatest concerns in life right now are where I'm going to graduate school (not if I'll have education at all) and that the internet at my parents' house sucks.

Am I blessed? Did some omnipotent being want favor me while making other suffer through disease, starvation, poverty, and genocide?

No. I am merely lucky, and humbly thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Wow... You do have a great way with words. Very nice "prayer?" haha (just joking). Happy Thanksgiving. Very well written.

  2. "Bare"ing children is something the police tend to investigate...

  3. I'm thankful that I have such an amazing blog friend such as yourself to make me laugh, compel me think, and entice me to actively fight for what I know is right.

    Hope you have a wonderful break!

  4. Jen, I am thankful for the work you do on this blog and in your community.

  5. Jen, that's beautiful. Thank you for writing that. It mirrors much of my own thinking, but summates much of it better than I ever could.

    Thank you, and have a great Thanksgiving.