Friday, November 6, 2009

Duke sex toy party study upsets Catholics on campus

I might have to start looking at Duke for grad school, after reading this article:

DURHAM, N.C. — A campus religious leader is unhappy about a study at Duke University that invites female students to attend parties where they can buy sex toys.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Friday that the director of the Duke Catholic Center has lodged a complaint with researchers. The Rev. Joe Vetter says the study doesn't promote relationships.

Doesn't promote relationships? What? Hey, maybe he uses his sex toys all alone, but I personally think sharing is caring. Anyway, what horrible things could this study be doing?! After purchase do they masturbate all over the desks of the classroom? Does it turn into a big lesbian orgy?!

The study asks female students over age 18 to attend the events that are similar to Tupperware parties but with erotic toys, lingerie and games. The women complete surveys about their sexual attitudes before and after the parties and get product discounts.

A spokesman for Duke said the sex-toy party project went through the peer review process.

Oh. Well. That's considerably less exciting (though still awesome). Every year here at Purdue the Psychology department's Human Sexuality class has a sex toy day, where people come in and talk about sex toys and give away free stuff. It was pretty awesome (though I didn't get anything, sadness). I don't remember the Catholic church exploding about that here, though that would have made it even more fun.

Oh, and one more gem:

Vetter says he plans to discuss the topic at Sunday mass.

Most interesting Sunday mass ever!

On a more serious note, are Catholics seriously against sex toys? Why the hell is it that religious people make sex so freaking impossible? Oh, abortion is evil, but you can't use birth control to prevent abortion. Oh, sex before marriage is bad, but you can't use a vibrator or masturbate to relieve those sexual pressures. Lovely.


  1. I bought my first vibrator when I was a freshman in college. The three girls I went with could only giggle like children while we were in the store (and, no, they didn't buy anything. They were mortified that I did). One of the girls I went with is Catholic and while we were in the store, someone recognized her and said hello. She was beet red while she (loudly) returned the greeting, "Oh my god! Hi! How are you? Everyone, this is my church music director!" So I guess not all Catholics have a problem with sex toys. Or maybe he was just there for the movies?

  2. "Why the hell is that religious people make sex so freaking impossible?"
    And the answer is, of course: "because if you control and restrain one person's sexuality you gain a great power over him". Fanatics are very useful, and frustrated people make wonderful fanatics...

  3. OK, time for a serious comment now.

    "Anyway, what horrible things could this study be doing?! After purchase do they masturbate all over the desks of the classroom? Does it turn into a big lesbian orgy?!"

    The problem with Catholic preachers discussing sex is that they have no frame of reference, in theory, so they probably do think this sort of thing. Let's be honest, if this was a porn movie, the fantasized, fictional version of sexual relationships that is possibly the only form a Catholic priest has ever seen, that's exactly what'd happen.

    In real life, most women I know are perfectly comfortable sitting around and discussing their various sex toys, comparing notes, recommending models and other accessories, saying what was a good buy and what's just terrible. Presumably they could bring this attitude into a study as well. But no! Sexual servitude is a cornerstone of Catholic social control methods. Women MUST be dependent on men for all sexual pleasure. Independence? BLASPHEMY!!

    Sorry. I just hate Catholics a lot.

  4. dammit! now I want to buy some toys.

  5. Does it turn into a big lesbian orgy?!


  6. Hah, oh wow.

    That's just... that's something.

  7. Pleasure and enjoyment is not allowed if you're religious. Didn't you know this?

  8. A research project that doesn't promote relationships? Obviously this can't have any scientific value.

  9. I once had reason to read Luther's "Table Talk", looking for a particular quote. In the meantime I was on the look-out for him to talk about sexual frustration in the monastery, knowing that this was a man who always called a spade a shitting shovel. And sure enough, someone did ask him. But he seemed to be just saying that he didn't have any problem, which could mean that either he never felt the need or that he just whacked off whenever he wanted. I was unable to pin him down beyond that.

    A line I'd like to try on a Christian one day: If God didn't want us to masturbate, He would have created us with shorter arms.

  10. you are forgetting the influence of...SATAN on patrons of those sex toy parties. He no doubt has a firey hand in promoting this type of research.

    for kicks I listened to a "the devil is REAL" type radio program on my way home last night. They specifically mentioned humanism as being the work of the devil.

  11. "They specifically mentioned humanism as being the work of the devil"

    That damn Satan, trying to undercut God's work by convincing people to treat each other with respect and kindness for its own sake.

    How evil.

  12. There is no guarantee that the Church music director is Catholic. I know of one Catholic Church organist/music director who is Jewish.

  13. At Duke you get porn...

    At Purdue you get popcorn.

  14. "Does it turn into a big lesbian orgy?!"


  15. I dont feel there doing anything wrong.

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