Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best Heathen-y Birthday Gift Ever

Last night we had a triple birthday party at my place. Two of my best friends and I all have November birthdays, so we decided to kill three birds with one stone and just have one big bash. Some of our friends (including Mike over at Politics and Pucks) got us some gifts, and they were pretty awesome:Godless cookie cake! It was extra delicious.A Christmas stocking?! That's not very atheistic, since I don't believe...but wait, what's inside?Noooooo! Bananas?!? My worst nightmare!

Oh, and how could I almost forget: my friend Josh brought me this lovely Chick Tract on evolution from some fundies who were demonstrating around the bars:Much loling was had. My friends are great.


  1. I knew I was a frog several million years ago. That's how we do it. Right...right?

    Happy birfday again!

  2. Looks like you have a lot of fun. :)

    If you don't like Christmas, you can always celebrate Festivus. Festivus is more atheistic.

    Christmas with gifts but no church is very atheistic. If you go to a Chinese restaurant instead of going to church, you have a Jewish Christmas, which is also very atheistic.

    Personally, gifts are optional for me. I love celebrating Christmas by playing chess and/or going to a Chinese restaurant and/or skiing while I was in Canada. I guess you can call it atheistic and individualistic. (Skiing is a very individualistic sport.)

  3. Happy birthday!

    "Only a few million"? Is that the problem now?

  4. Ha! I have a copy of that Chick tract in my car right now. I found it at a gas station in Bainbridge a few months back. They had a pretty good selection there. Jack Chick is always good for a few laughs.

  5. This is the best part:

  6. What! ... I clicked on the link to Chick's comics and got the following message:

    The website which you are trying to access is restricted by the Media Development Authority (MDA).

    In other words, the Singapore (where I live) government censors creationists?!

    lol... serves'em right, I guess, but it still feels wrong.

  7. @ivo:

    Nah, they probably just censor the word, "chick." My old high school had the same filter, heh.

    As for Chick tracts, I used to find them funny. Like most of the religious right, be it Robertson or Palin or O'Reilly... They were always good for a laugh until I realized they weren't joking. Then it just wasn't funny anymore. It was sad, a bit scary, bewildering, sure. But not all that funny.

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  9. I'm really impressed by that tract. They almost, sort of didn't get it entirely wrong. I mean, they got it mostly wrong. Well, almost completely wrong. But at least they didn't ask about how all the fish and the frogs and the monkeys managed to evolve females to mate with. That's pretty good for these folks.

  10. Whenever I see reference made to Jack Chick, I can't help plugging this blog.

    He does "dissections" of Chick tracts; basically he takes them apart panel by panel and intersperses hilarious commentary. It's the only way I can manage to read the damn things at this point, and it's quite entertaining beyond that...

  11. If believing in evolution did in fact make people Nazis or Randians, then I would become a creationist like a shot. Unsocialised individuals believing that they are members of a master race (Chick left out the ordinary working stiff as an example of what to despise) is indeed a big problem, but it's nothing to do with Darwin or Dawkins.

    Biologist rushes into lab: "I've found it, I've found it, I've found the missing link between apes and intelligent beings. It's us!"

  12. Once again, Happy Birthday Jen! Glad the party was lol awesome.