Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tony Blair: Atheists as bad as terrorists?

The Times reports on Tony Blair's recent speech at Georgetown University, where he had some strong words to say about the irreligious:

“We face an aggressive secular attack from without. We face the threat of extremism from within.”

Arguing that there was “no hope” from atheists who scorn God, he said the best way to confront the secularist agenda was for all faiths to unite against it.

He said: “Those who scorn God and those who do violence in God’s name, both represent views of religion. But both offer no hope for faith in the twenty first century.”

Yet another example of "As long as you're believe in something, that's okay." It's troubling when such a prominent politician feel the need to attack non-theists and compare us to religious extremists. When's the last time an atheist has flown a plane into a building, or performed a suicide bombing? The only thing we attack is illogical, delusional thinking, and in that regard he's right - we're a threat. For a man in the running for the President of the European Council, you think he'd be a little more know, since Europe has a gigantic amount of nonbelievers.

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  1. Yes, I suppose I do have a view on religion, it's complete and utter nonsense. Similarly, I view homeopathy, naturopathy, and prayer healing with the same scorn. It would be nice for him to present some kind of evidence general argument rather than proof by assertion. Perhaps that's what all politicians do, though, empty rhetoric and bullshit in hopes people buy it. Wait, so are priests politicians?

  2. Even usually rational Britain has its fair share of idiotas. Thankfully, it also has more than its fair share of anti-idiotas (ie. rationalists & atheists) to shut them up. Usually.

  3. But what would happen if people started coming to conclusions about problems with evidence and critical thinking as standards? It would be a disaster for Blair and his lot.

    How else could he be able to sell a war on phony evidence if people actually weren't afraid to ask questions? What good will skepticism do you then, when you have no more crooked politicians or corporations to lie to you anymore?

  4. What's he trying to be, the Sally Kern of atheist haters?

  5. Blair's profile as a politican is dropping like a stone, but I have no doubt that he really, really means this. He's always been pretty clear on his thoughts on us godless atheist bastards.

  6. The only way to bring people together is to have a common enemy. And what Blair said is something people of every religion will accept with open arms if given the chance.

    When atheists start committing mass murder in the name of non-belief then these politicians can say something like this.

  7. Wait wait, I thought the plan was to let all the god-botherers wipe each other out, I mean that was the more plausible outcome, right?

  8. Ugh.

    I seriously can't think of anything else to say. Ugh.

  9. I've never been a fan of Tony Blair, he always seemed like a slick political operator and the worst kind of liar: one who believed his own lies. In a generally secular society, Tony Blair is a rare true believer for the faith. His religious-style certainty is one of features Tony Blair shared with his senior partner in the Iraq war, it seemed to serve neither of them well in that instance.
    Anyone who thinks the British do it better is probably right, but ought to at least consider Tony Blair (and watch "In the Loop") before being to quick to idolize our friends across the pond.

  10. For a brief time, when Blair first came to power in the UK, we had such high, high hopes.

    Then he revealed his true colours and our hopes were dashed.

    He doesn't have the nickname Tony Bliar for nothing.

    And now he's turning all pious and religious. Excuse me, I need to find a quiet corner to vomit in.

  11. After he stepped down from being PM, he talked about how his (or his wife's) christianity (there are so many types) helped him make decisions whilst running our country. I was quite pleased that the general consensus was people looking embarrassed and shuffling there feet.

    Thoughts of "loooooony" crossed many a mind.

    I'm hoping his political influence will just fizzle out now.

  12. To be fair he's right: those with faith do have to face two threats. The extremists showing them what their religion can be interpreted as and us faithless showing them that it is possible to be happy, moral and rational with-out a sky beard.

    That being said its worrying that this man was once the hope of my country. Ah well now we have Cameron (Blair V2.0) or Brown (a wonderful sporific).

  13. You can say what you want about Tony Blair I wish he was back in charge now! Gordon Brown's policies are what matter and in my opinion he is doing well. I listened to Cameron's speach about what he'll be doing in his first year if he gets elected, it's what he does after that most of us should be worried about!

  14. When Tony Blair got started as Prime Minister one of the main people who helped him maintain his image was Alistair Campbell who acted as his spin doctor and is well recognised as an atheist.

    In the movie "The Queen" Alistair Campbell is credited with inventing the phrase "The People's Princess" in regard to Princess Diana. He's also well known as having downplayed Tony Blair's early references to God.

    This was probably a very good idea considering how badly Tony Blair's later confessions of faith went down in an interview after the whole Iraq War fiasco...

    The idea that, having stepped down from his position as Prime Minister, he should become an envoy for the middle east was an utter joke.

  15. Oooh, also a couple of other things about Tony Blair. When Sir Peter Vardy was starting up a school that teaches creationism in the UK, Blair's response was "I'm very happy":

    "Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park): Is the Prime Minister happy—[Hon. Members: "Yes."] Is the Prime Minister happy to allow the teaching of creationism alongside Darwin's theory of evolution in state schools?

    The Prime Minister: First, I am very happy. Secondly, I know that the hon. Lady is referring to a school in the north-east, and I think that certain reports about what it has been teaching are somewhat exaggerated. It would be very unfortunate if concerns about that issue were seen to remove the very strong incentive to ensure that we get as diverse a school system as we properly can. In the end, a more diverse school system will deliver better results for our children. If she looks at the school's results, I think she will find that they are very good."

    Blair's praise of the school's "diverse" system is worrying, especially since the claims were not exaggerations:

    Also, back in 2007 there was the following comment from Tony Blair to justify his draconian Terrorism Act:
    "The idea that as a Muslim in this country that you don't have the freedom to express your religion or your views, I mean you've got far more freedom in this country than you do in most Muslim countries."

    Yeah, tell that to Maloud Sihali....

  16. Whoops, there go his chances at election to any major office.

  17. All we do is talking, for dog's sake. Religion can lead you to kill people in the name of your god. Have you seen those videos with muslim people in them saying "god is great!" while a person is beheaded?

    Can you imagine a group of non-theists beheading someone while saying "we like logical thinking and we are cool with people believing in whatever as long as they don't try to impose their beliefs to society!"

    I could say something about christians too, but beheading is far more grotesque than shooting doctors, so it's not so good as an example.

    So, um, Blair? Watch this.

    That's "extremism", you idiot.

  18. I wonder if Blair can name any of said extremists who kill in God's name - I think this chap called Tony Blair is one such culprit. "God told me to" is such a great excuse for a) slaughter and b) ignoring what the sane percentage of your country told you to do.

  19. Lovely.

    I see that being a special envoy to the Middle East has reminded of all the good that religion does for people.

    Eurrgh. As if I wasn't annoyed enough at his being in the running for pres of the EC before this.

    Bloody wanker. Where're the Dutch when you need them?