Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Blasphemy Day gets positive press in student newspaper

I guess the Exponent is having a special Society of Non-Theists theme this week, because they covered another one of our events! Their article on our Blasphemy Day event was very positive and they managed to not misquote me this time:

Blasphemy Day posters garner attention

By Andrea Hammer
Assistant Campus Editor
Publication Date: 10/01/2009

Laura Hoffman | Campus Editor

Students gather around the Class of 1950 lecture hall Wednesday afternoon to exercise their right to free speech during the first International Blasphemy Day.

Students gathered yesterday outside the Class of 1950 building to exercise their right to free speech.

The first International Blasphemy Day event was held in order to promote free speech. Students were able to write freely on poster boards that were hanging on the pillars of the building.

According to a flyer from the organizer of the event, the Society of Non-Theists, the purpose was to promote free speech and stand up in a show of solidarity for the freedom to challenge, criticize and satirize religion without fear of murder, litigation and reprisal.

Jennifer McCreight, president of the Society of Non-Theists and a senior in the College of Science, said the event was being held at college campuses across Indiana and the nation. She said the group’s decision to have the posters in front of Class of 50 was in order to attract more students to participate.

“We thought we’d have more people see it (at this location),” she said. “We wanted a central location.”

Students wrote things ranging from “I like this pen,” to “I’m Christian, but I don’t believe in hell.”

Ryan Moore, a freshman in the School of Management, said he wanted to participate because he didn’t agree with some of the things on the posters.

“I support what they’re doing, but I just don’t agree,” Moore said.

Robert Winkworth, a graduate student, said he heard about the event on the GetInvolved Web site.

“I made several marks (on the posters),” he said.

Winkworth also said he thought the best thing that could come from an event like that would be more open dialogue between students.

“I don’t think we can ever have too much of that on a college campus.”

Man, if students thought us dressing as pirates was bad, I just can't wait to see the letters about this one...


  1. “I support what they’re doing, but I just don’t agree,” Moore said.

    What??? He doesn't agree with free speech? He doesn't agree with people being able to write whatever they want on a piece of paper? He doesn't agree that non-theists should have their own group? What exactly is he disagreeing with here?

  2. I think he wrote something because he doesn't agree with the SNT.

    That's a pretty good article.

  3. I think he was disagreeing with the idea of him having a brain? (damn I feel mean today)

  4. I think it was him disagreeing with some wrote, not the concept of the day. But then, I'm giving him the benefit of a doubt. :P

  5. I picked up an Exponent expecting at least one "Damn atheists! How dare you exist?!" letter.
    Maybe they're bidding their time.

  6. Awesome that there was no misquoting this time.

    And, you've been pretty active in the past week, really, so it makes sense that they'd cover a lot of it. Not much else is really happening, is it?

    Good time to do fun things like this, clearly.

  7. Positive press? From the Exponent? *blink* Whoa.

    Seems like it was pretty successful. Glad to hear it!

  8. Great to see you're getting good press out of this.

  9. Shame the article didn't mention anything about the relationship of Blasphemy Day to free speech.

  10. I don’t understand ho that Moore quote can be misinterpreted. He says that he supports their right to do what they’re doing, yet just doesn’t agree with what they say or think. Reminds anyone of a certain Voltaire quote, perhaps?

    Anyway … nice to hear the day was a success without too many Xian heads popping off and heading into orbit.

  11. Err … “I don’t understand how that Moore quote …”

  12. I don’t understand how that Moore quote...

    What? Whadisay? Oh, the other Moore. Had me confused for a second. :)

  13. Huh. What were the complaints about pirates?