Thursday, October 29, 2009


While I was home last weekend, my mom showed me a card she bought for her friend's birthday. There was a black cat (like ours) sitting on top of a washing machine, saying something ridiculous and badly spelled - I don't remember what, but you know what I mean, lolcat speak. I laughed for a good amount of time, and my mom seemed surprised.

Mom: I didn't send you this one for your birthday because I thought you would just be confused, since it's kind of silly.
Me: I wouldn't be confused, I would be proud that you sent me a lolcat!
Mom: A what?
Me: *dawning realization that this is all an accident* You know, like l.o.l., laugh out loud?
Mom: Yeah, I know that...
Me: It's an internet meme...?
Mom: A what?
Me: ...It's this really popular joke on the internet to have a funny picture of a cat and then some poorly spelled joke around it.
Mom: Oh! I didn't know that!

I was mildly disappointed that her excellent choice in card was an accident, but I would have been tremendously shocked if she knew what a lolcat was. So once I got home I sent her a bunch of images of lolcats, which she seemed to appreciate. A couple of days later, I got this second birthday card in the mail:Okay, I'll admit "cumz" made me laugh for inappropriate reasons, but I definite give this an A for Effort! Or Epic Win of Effort, or something. Also, I think we need to start lolMcCatz as how parents interpret internet memes - guaranteed humor right there. I still remember the day I had to explain a Rick Roll to my mom, and her only response was, "Oh, but I like that song!"


  1. Hey, you could be worse mom once told me to "Get off that! Those are my internets!" when I opened Firefox on her computer and it went to her homepage.

  2. "cumz" lol


    my mom knows better than to think something could be too random for my sense of humor. I once got a card that was shaped like a dill spear and on the inside it just said "here, have a birthday pickle."

  3. As someone approaching 40, take my word for it: YOU will be that tragically unhip yourself one day.

  4. It's not a birthday if you don't get one inappropriate card. Cute attempt by your mom, though.

  5. From No Idea to Completely Getting It in a couple of days? That IS an epic win.

  6. Hmmm... I'm a little surprised, I mentioned Rick Roll in my english class last year and all the early 20's college students were oblivious... I felt old that day... ;)