Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 6012th Birthday, Earth

This is slightly belated since I was busy yesterday, but Happy Birthday, Earth! According to James Ussher's 17th century calculations, God created the Earth on October 23, 4004 BC. We had a mini birthday party at Wednesday's club meeting, and I made brownies:I promise that I omitted Asia and Australia due to a lack of planning, not some deep-seated hatred for those continents.

This is all fun until you realize people actually believe this stuff. Many dates from the Creation Museum were taken from Ussher's chronology. Because you know, one guy interpreting the Bible is so solid that nearly 400 years of scientific developments doesn't really matter.


  1. I think you actually hate Australia. I can sense the hatred flowing from you, or some such wooey crap.

    In addition, yum.

  2. « Because you know, one guy interpreting the Bible is so solid that nearly 400 years of scientific developments doesn't really matter. »

    Creationist: ‘THAT’s what we’ve been trying to tell you!!’

    Actually, knowing that some think that way just A) makes me feel so good about myself, and B) amuses me. Which only heightens A).

  3. Once again, everybody always gets this wrong, but--James Ussher calculated that God created the universe on 22/23 October 4004 BC on the (proleptic) Julian calendar. But we use the Gregorian calendar today. The earth's birthday would therefore fall on 20/21 September, not 22/23 October. Not that anybody cares; it's all moonshite anyway.

    Ussher picked 21 September 4004 BCE because it was a Sunday (remember, the first week began on a Sunday) and it was the autumnal equinox, which supposedly marked the beginning of the Jewish year. He assumed that the days would be like Jewish days, beginning at sunset on what we would consider the previous day. Hence 20/21 September (beginning at sunset) marks the birthday of the earth, and for that matter the entire universe.

    The brownies look good.

  4. Are you being touched by a noodly appendage in that teeny tiny image?

  5. Bah. Everyone knows the universe was created Last Thursday. Any evidence to the contrary was fabricated during that creation.

    Especially that delicious batch of brownies. Mmm... falsified evidence planted by an inscrutable superior being... with chocolate!

  6. Look! Evidence that the world really is flat!

    And made of brownies.

  7. I presume you made the brownies with the appearance of great age, yeah?

  8. The date of creation has little to do with anything. I admire the Jewish guy who combined Genesis with an exponentialy decreasing time scale. He bought into Jewish mysticism.
    But times and concepts are a-changing. Contiguous dimensional worlds contrast with materialists who think 'this world is all there is'.
    It pleases me to let open-minded people know about new ways of pondering about the age-old questions. With the existence of 'Techie Worlds' (available at believers in Christianity can hold their views utilizing sound logic, clear thinking and a mechanistic view of worlds. Applying Flatland's concept of contiguous dimensional worlds, Trinity, Resurrection, Judgment and soul are sensible and mechanically viable beliefs. 'Techie Worlds' follows that rule of science by which individual details are tested for their conformity to the overarching hypothesis. Admittedly, agnostics may choose not to follow such obvious and sensible logic, but no longer can they denigrate believers for fuzzy thinking. Moslems and pagans who read and understand the sound logic of the Flatland concept must adopt the reasonable Trinitarian view. 'Techie Worlds' will make them abandon the ways of terror and adopt the way of love. Techie Worlds is not standard preacher-prattle. Only by reading it can you open your mind to its valid way of understanding Christianity.