Saturday, September 19, 2009

My dad is awesome

In case you didn't figure that out from my previous post about my family...

Dad: [On Facebook, about Pastafarian Preaching photos] Some great looking pirates. I had do some research (you're keeping my mine active) figure out what Pastafarian meant. It makes good sense to me.
Me: [Through email, to mom and dad] You'd both probably like to know that your daughter was interviewed by the local tv station for the 5 o clock news...dressed as a pirate. Thankfully the piece was very positive. Love, J
Dad: Got a kick out of you facebook pictures - you make a great pirate. You represented yourself well on the news interview -- but tell them to get your name right next time. Love, Dad
Me: They even had me pronounce it on camera, and they still got it wrong! And spelled it wrong, did you catch that? Not to mention the club name..."Non-thesis" ha!
Dad: The reporter is probably in training for Fox News.



  1. I think we all <3 your dad now, too. That last line was just lovely. X3

  2. Haha, that's an awesome dad, all right.

    My father actually watches Glenn Beck sometimes. Ironically, I hope, but I couldn't ask. He seems to see it as a comedy show, but I don't want to know.

  3. I'm jealous. My parents are accommodationists.

  4. Like I explained on Twitter, when I informed my dad about FSM, he said that, "If I'm going to worship a god that I can eat, it better involve bacon."

  5. Veritas:

    That's funny, it reminds me of a restaurant I went to one time. In the "Sides" section they had listed:

    Bacon - Free, because we respect the awesomeness of your choice.

    I was going to get it, but I was having the roasted rabbit and I really wanted to appreciate the unique rabbity flavour.


  6. Wait, are you telling me "McCreight" isn't pronounced "mick-crate"??