Thursday, August 20, 2009

Distractions, distractions

I really don't have a significant post to make - just seeing how updating my blog from my new iPod Touch works. Yep, I caved and got one, and it's pretty awesome! I figured I should figure everything out before I get to campus on Monday and don't know what I'm doing. Now I can update my blog while sitting bored in physics! Er, I mean only between classes, of course.

Any suggestions on what Apps are must haves?

Oh, and I totally think I'm going to ask for this for my birthday:


  1. I saw someone already recommended Civ Revolution to you. Which is OK, but nowhere near as good as Civ IV BTS. Which I am playing right now.

  2. :ish broke:

    :posts from anno 2004 laptop:

  3. Check out
    They have a daily update of free apps in iTunes. I don't find everything every day, and I certainly find apps that get deleted quickly, but I have found some real gems too. It's nearly impossible to figure when someone is running a special, especially if they run it for only 1 day.

  4. That is almost enough to convince me to get an itouch.

  5. I wanted a cover like that for my ipod, but they didn't ship to the UK when my boyfriend was looking for one for my birthday :(

    Veritas: I didn't like the look of Civ Revolution on the Xbox, but then I still play the classic Civ II for the PC!

  6. Not sure if you noticed, but you can go to [] and download the wallpapers. Gets you part way there.

  7. Having dropped my iPhone a couple of times, I strongly recommend that you get a hard case, not just a skin. The second time I dropped the phone it landed hard enough to crack the corner of the case, but the phone was completely untouched, and I just epoxied the crack back together.

    Here's the iPod Touch version of the case I use:

  8. @Hillary Mark Nelson,
    I have the same case for my iPhone. Definitely saves the phone from drops. However, do you have issues with it pushing up your screen protector? I have air bubbles around the edges and it drives me crazy! I've ordered the gelaskins Touched cover and their screen protectors to give it a try.