Monday, July 27, 2009

A Victory for the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign

A while back I posted how the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign had their ad "You Can Be Good Without God" rejected in Bloomington for being "too controversial" even though the bus agency (owned by the town) had run religious ads before. Well, they've reached a settlement regarding their lawsuit! The transit will run their ads on as many buses for whatever length of time at the normal rate, and pay for part of the ACLU's legal fees. And they say it best:
"Let’s be straight here: this is a victory not just for atheism and secularism, but for free speech all around."
I'm crossing my fingers that West Lafayette is next. Maybe I need to go beg their organizer a little more...


  1. No real surprise there. Looks like the agency quickly realized that, as a public holding, it was required to obey that law thing. Congrats!

  2. In my home town, Ottawa, Ont Canada, it was actually the transit service that rejected the adds.

    The issue went before city counsel and passed easily. I think only two or three counselors voted it down.

    Funny thing was, when the adds were running, I never once saw them!

  3. The same thing happened in Halifax, except they didn't back down till a court case in BC set precedent. There's a lot of people around here who are pissed off, still, about it.