Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rational people acting irrationally

Us nonbelievers claim to be highly rational and logical...but, well, let's admit it. Sometimes we do some pretty silly, irrational things. For example, the thing that made me make this post:This is my closet right now. Notice how the clothes hamper is on top of the giant pile of dirty laundry, rather than filled with it. Can I explain how the hell this happened? ...No.

I know I have other things I'm irrational about, and they bug me even more because I can recognize that I'm being irrational. If you've spent enough time around in my real life, you know I'm stubborn. I mean, really stubborn, to the point where I'll start irrationally defending my position and refuse to back down. It's weird because I know I'm doing it, yet I can't seem to stop myself.

I also have irrational body image issues, but I'm pretty sure that's 95% of females out there. I was a chubby, overly tall, awkward little kid who got teased a lot about her weight - and that's stuck with me, even though I'm not overweight at all now. Rational Jen can step back and see someone attractive in the mirror, but there are times when I just do not feel cute. This usually manifests when I need to go clothes shopping. I have a hell of a time finding stuff that fits because I'm not 5 feet tall and don't have A cups, and it drives me crazy. I know I'm skinnier than the average American woman, and I really love my boobs, but American fashion is enough to drive me into irrational "you're such a fatty" mode.*

What irrational things do you?

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  1. I am most irrational about my dice. Strange, one might say. It's not that I believe that anything I do can and will affect the rolls, persay, but I treat my dice rather like a young child treats his or her stuffed animals. I have favourites. I feel naked when I'm not rolling my own.

    I am possessive. I will loan you a set of my dice (I have somewhere in the realm of 20 complete sets, and approximately 300 dice in my kit altogether). But I want it back. And I don't care what's under the couch, you drop it, you're going for it.

    I always, ALWAYS order my gaming books by game, edition, and alphabetical order. Even when I am stacking them up, three hours before my players show up. I always pack my gaming books in my bookbag in the same order.

    So, really...that is my irrational behaviour. Now I need a beer. A delicious, imported, Danish beer.

  2. 5 ft A cup women often wish they were built like you! Women with curly hair straighten it, women with straight hair curl it... etc.

    kinda sad.

  3. I turn the toilet paper around so that it rolls over the top (does that make sense?). I do it at other people's homes, too.

  4. Go shopping with women I have to tell the truth to. <.<

    But really, I anthropomorphise machines and similar things. It's my biggest weak spot. I know that soon, when I get a Roomba, it'll be all over.

    But the current one, amusingly enough, has to do with the dice bot we use in my IRC D&D sessions. It's under the nickname 'Bandit King', after a person who played a character with that name and was an utter dumbass. Knife to a gunfight kind of guy.

    Well, BK is just a script or two on an IRC client run on my pal Edward's computer. This doesn't keep us from asking him what's wrong when he's bipolar, or threatening him/praising him when we need a good roll.

    Over the years we've been using him, confirmation bias has turned him into a fully fledged member of the group. BK likes epic moments where people are terribly outclassed. He likes seeing that person win. He likes making fights that we wouldn't look at twice become amazing things through chance alone. And if you're rolling to persuade someone, the more persuasive your argument, the better the roll he gives you. BK prefers appeals to logic rather than emotion, because he is a cold, calculating bastard.

    On the other hand, his idiot replacement sister, KosMos, is a loudmouthed jerkass who will never match up to BK, hates all men everywhere, and wants to see them die.

    They're running the exact same dice script. The only thing different is whose computer they're on and what alternate scripts they have running.

  5. One delicious imported Danish beer later, I am half in the bin. I need pizza.

    My other irrational behaviour? Tags. When someone has a tag on the back of their shirt sticking up, I have to tuck it in. I do it for strangers, even. Damn, I'm weird.

  6. ... I have to admit, I do that too. But not to people I don't know. Doesn't stop me from wanting to.

  7. Oh gaahh, I hate it when people have toilet paper the "wrong way" =P

  8. Yeah. Well, I'm weird. Like I warned you. And I am thinking tonight might get messy, too. Good thing I have nowhere to be.

  9. I've only got cheap tequila. This could get messy for more people than just you.

  10. That would be messy. But I, sirrah, am a Canadian and a sailor's son. I can handle it.

    An' I gotta work at 10am tomorrow.

  11. Ouch. I'm glad I've got less to do tomorrow than I do today!

  12. I'm probably going to obtain some sort of deliciousness a little later in the evening too.

    As for irrationality. I'm the same way with MY dice. I always sit them so the high number faces up. I figure, if they are allowed to sit like that long enough, the bottom will widen out enough that it will be more likely to fall the way I want it...but considering what these dice are made of, the chance of that happening in my lifetime is i consider it vaguely irrational. I will also only use certain ones for certain situations.

  13. I know people who do the same, Mark. That doesn't matter too much to me, but I have learned to respect each other's dice rituals.

  14. As a gamer, dice and cards, most certainly. Crossing my fingers, pleading to nothing for the right card to come up, choosing what dice to use based on a few rolls or "hot streaks". Yeah. Very irrational, but I can't stop doing it. :-P